My name is David Whipple. Welcome to my website. Your time and attention is a gift to me and I sincerely appreciate your being here. Have a look around and get a feel for the vibe here. Scroll down this page to find what you're looking for.


This podcast is a high performance variety show about radically designing a lifestyle that is essential, enjoyable, meaningful, and fulfilling. Here you will find entertainment, education, and inspiration for staying ahead of the curve and crushing it in conscious communication, healthy relationships, business and life.

It aired for 2 seasons from June 2017 to June 2019 and delivered 80 episodes. I decided to switch from audio to video for my creative content and will be focusing on recording footage for my new YouTube channel that goes live this Autumn Equinox.

Thanks for sharing all that you do. It’s been very beneficial to hear your experience and I can relate a lot to all that you share. I look forward to working these truths in my own life during this transition time. Very supportive and real.
— SuryasCynthia
David has an elegant way of articulating important topics of modern times. I find him to be poetic, yet knowledgable. Its refreshing to get someones intellectual insights and perspective on such matters. He has a unique way & individualistic approach to podcasts which I enjoy, as in they are interesting & thought provoking.
— Galactic Sun
David covers a a variety of topics to help high performers and I especially love his episodes covering the book 12 Rules for Life. I appreciate that he provides high quality, entertaining content, that helps to be successful!
— The Food Heals Podcast

featured blogs | written meditations

These are a few featured articles and essays from my archives. They should help give you a good idea about what some of my interests are and maybe even why I believe the things I do. I invite you to take a look at them and if you're inspired, feel free to share them with others.


I envision a world where radical honesty and courageous leadership can be boldly expressed through our creative imaginations. Enjoy the view.