David Whipple

your host in humility

Semi Nomadic | Hipster Barbarian

Podcast Creative | High Performance Councilor

Austin Texas, United States

I was born and raised in Portland Oregon. The tall trees and lush green of the Pacific Northwest is a diverse wilderness landscape that played a major role in shaping me into who I am.

Things I enjoy practicing are writing, photography, videography, cheffing, and especially ... my podcast!

My primary project, motivating manifesto and inspired vision in this world is to, “Live Wild, Love Honestly, Die Wise."

My life mission is to, “Raise the bar for humanity and recreate paradise for the whole life community."

One of the most trascendent experiences I've had was August 21st 2017 seeing the Total Solar Eclipse. This phenomenon made a major impression on me, and inspired me to interface with the world in a whole new way. For the rest of my life, I will travel the world to bear faithful witness to every TSE.

I’m an "Umbraphile": one who loves being cast under the darkness, mystery, and majesty of the shadow, and will travel the world with the desire to be graced, and humbled by it once more. It is truly an honor, and pleasure beyond measure, to dwell in the magnificence of the divine creators generosity.