Many females (and some males) have recently been starting to speak up and out about their traumatic experiences of sexual abuse through using the hashtag “me too” on social media sites. I support those who have survived sexual abuse and choose to express their stories and share these traumatized parts of themselves with others. This is an opportunity for enlightenment, liberation, and healing. 


The mission plan was simple: road trip from Arizona to Oregon and secure a secluded spot for the August 21st 2017 Total Solar Eclipse (TSE). It’s more about the journey than the destination. We went to see the TSE, but it was an invitation to experience even more, through the way it beckoned us with beauty and mystery; enrolling us to venture through a portal, and open up to the possibilities awaiting to be discovered on the other side.


I recently had the extreme pleasure of harvesting fruit from the Saguaro. This is a written and visual account of my amazing adventure. The temperature was around 80F at sunrise and 110F just after noon. Months go by without any rainfall. The livingness of the flora and fauna is a monument to the majesty of Earthly existence. The Saguaro asks a great deal from one who would taste its fruit. The reward is totally worth the effort. 


Now is the time to reclaim our sovereignty and recreate a thriving culture on a positively constructive course. Everyone is welcome to cultivate their own unique personal power. Single parents, independent artists, social entrepreneurs, non-profit board members, teachers and students, young and old. Even if we aren’t in an official leadership position, we each still have the personal responsibility to lead by example. 



This is my humble attempt at creating art in loving service to honor someone. It’s a feature profile of a woman that I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. I proudly introduce a portrait of Tracy. Here you'll see photos I took of her and a question and response section as well. 


Chaga is a rare and precious gift, par excellence. This superior medicinal food has been cherished and utilized by herbal foragers in Russia and China since ancient times. It is a powerful substance of the wilderness and is characterized by its blackened charcoal appearance on the outside and golden orange or burnt umber color on the inside. The energetic personality is oddly peculiar and magnetically charming. Once it makes an impression and leaves a stain on ones soul, one doesn’t soon forget it.


One of the amazing aspects of traveling adventures is that they can take us to some awesome springs. I've been drinking predominantly fresh spring water since 2008 with very few exceptions. There is one good spring near San Fran that I like to stop at whenever I drive through and while on another road trip along the west coast, I shot a short video. In this video, I describe a little bit about the spring and the inspiration that flows from it.


Getting in to cold water is something I’ve been practicing with growing enthusiasm since 2008. There are many reasons why I choose to do it. Above all is because it’s fun and generates health, happiness and a feeling of vitality. I decided to shoot a video demonstrating one way to do it and want to write a little bit about it.


Work smarter, not harder. As I demonstrate in this video, there’s a simple technique to apply that makes the climb more efficient. A rope climb is also a good metaphor for life. 


Traditional handshakes have had their time and place but I personally bid them farewell with a respectful bow. I’m calling into question the habit and sanity of the ubiquitous handshake. I promote fist bumps instead because they’re more sanitary, along with other strategic alternatives for more sensible social interactions.


My aim with this article is to advocate the integration of edible insects into our nutritional strategies, add my own abstract ideas and include the most compelling links that I’ve found. I ask that you simply entertain these ideas and recognize the possibility that prejudice is often disguised as contemplation. Activate your imagination.


Are you dead or dying? Do you know someone dead or dying? If you answer yes to either of these questions then this fugue is for you. I do it with fierce passion for all of us who will fail to live forever. 


This is more than just a company tribute and product review. Look and listen as I illustrate an extrasensory experience deep into the heart of matters. According to my observation and all things considered, LSTN is the cream at the top of their class and second to none in their field.


This article is my unexpurgated exploration in order to articulate a kind of unified resolution. Through feeling, research and support from other friends, I juggled a few opinions and present a portrait for the heart of humanity. The source is love and the key is contemplation. 


This article is devoted to a person in my life who has had a primary hand in helping me making it through difficult times as well as adding complimentary value to the adventurous quality of my livelihood. I am happy to highlight here my interpretation of honoring a loved one through the lens of brotherhood. It is a service in sincerity that I humbly compose a feature portrait of my brother Daniel Whipple.


Our bodies are intelligently engineered to convey the meaning of our messages. Cultivating kinesthetic awareness teaches us about ourselves, other people and the contextual relations to the world around us. We can literally change our body chemistry by changing our body posture. 

"The quickest way to change your emotional state is to change your body language." Tony Robbins


Creativity is evolution in our hands and I'm charged with an inner mounting flame of passion to recreate myself as an evolving artist of life in search for significance. But how did this happen? What did I do? Remember, we have the choice to reinvent ourselves through amazing grace and recreate our lives like an elemental phase change.


Every individual being is gifted with a unique set of skills that nobody else quite has. These singular blessings have the creative potential to empower a person and contribute to the evolution of our species. But there's one ubiquitous attribute which we've all been endowed with and that is, perhaps ironically, the gift of fear.