Something special happens to us when we transcend limitations and reach above for higher levels of experiencing life. This could be a metaphorical or literal. however you take this, see it as a symbol which points at the cosmic quality of inner values. The everyday actions we take and decisions we make reflect directly on the evolution of our lives.

Choose adventure. Play with passion. There's a great spiritual force that is benevolently conspiring to lift us up and weave wonderful goodness into the fabric of our lives.

I share this video with you and it pretty much says all I need to say for now. I encourage you to go climb a tree. Start small if you have to and work your way up. Be safe and have fun. It's a fun and natural way to move our bodies. This type of exercise is excellent in myriad ways.

There's a bit of humor in here that you'll probably pick up on and I decided to play an acoustic bass for some of the soundtrack. I think it's funny and fits nicely. Please enjoy and if you're inclined, let me know how this reaches you.

I hope I've inspired to you in this video to get out and climb, or at least introduce yourself to a tree and engage it's personality and listen to what it has to say, so that you might learn some of its wisdom. Check out my VSCO photo journal where I dedicated a whole collection of images to climbing a huge Doug Fir tree in California.

David WhippleComment