My name is David. I’m an essentialist, film maker, and freelance creative who wants to serve you with excellence. Welcome to my website, and enjoy your stay!




The movements of life are a strange phenomena. Like the flowing of water, and its structural phase changes from liquid, solid and vaporous. Like a musical composition, how the song can seamlessly blend textures, moods and tempos. It's a rhythmic repetition of syncopated beats, transposed patterns, harmonic intervals, ascending octaves and no scale is mutually exclusive on the staff of life. Symbolism is a key to unlock synchronicity and there's no such thing as a wrong note in the sea of spirit our species is swinging in. 

The mysteries of life are not a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.
— Frank Herbert

I feel like I'm at one of those key turnaround points in my life and I'm transitioning from a diminished chord of challenges and now find myself making it into an augmented chord resounding with ripened potential. Gratitude stands at the front door of my heart, willing to greet everyone I meet. The individual I am today is not exactly the one I was yesterday. Every moment is fresh and ripe with possibilities. Creativity is evolution in our hands and I'm charged to recreate myself as an evolving artist of life in search for significance. 

Through lots of life lessons, I've cultivated compassion for others and the resulting sympathetic awareness has brought me to strange and wonderful circumstances. Like the required pressure that it takes to manifest a diamond, I feel a sustained tension has begun to crystallize the clarity for me to see brilliant opportunities and believe in dreams awakening. Regaining an intimate touch with my souls passion and starting to reanimate the qualities of what this means. How did this happen? What is it that I could do? And why would any of this be beneficial to you? 

A substantial prelude to the first question can be elucidated if you go here to read my previously composed meditation. The most recently profound inspiration in my life appeared when I acted on an impulse and decided to take a ten day vacation from the organic micro farm I worked on in the Northern California wilderness. During that respite, I relaxed into the small coastal town of Arcata. On the very first night, my psychological perspective dissolved into an ecstatic symphony of supersonic beatitudes and the spontaneous nature of this playful solitude was a transcendent experience of mellifluous landscapes. The fabric of my foundation was subtly refined and further enriched. To be saturated with serotonin is a superlative feeling. I caressed secrets ensconced within my soul and found a fresh relationship with my ultimate passion for music.

I did find some new friends as well. Some were fleeting, yet filled with potency and meaning. My heart still swells for the innocence of these young souls.  But the real treasures were found when I had a most pleasurable stay at the resplendent Redwood Lily Eco Hostel. Not only was the renovated old home comfortable, stylish and health promoting, I found the staff to be so genuinely amiable that we effortlessly fell into friendships. There were deep, soul connecting conversations and inspirational sharing that truly spoke to the heart. We supported each other in creatively honest ways and some of us went for a wonderful walk through the University's Redwood Forest Oasis. I composed an image journal of that field trip which you can go see here.

What else I did with the surprising surge of energy was to suddenly find myself sitting down and taking the time to create this new website. My old one seemed stagnant and somehow, not an accurate representation of my personality. This new platform feels like a superior suit for me to express the characteristic qualities of me, as I am right now, with magnified precision. I feel virtually liberated and am motivated through amazing grace to call this a cathedral for contempla(y)tion. I'm designing this place to be a playground for ideas and a launchpad for inspirations. My desire is connection through reflection and I hope there's complimentary substances within these pages that reach out and touch you.

The only man who behaves sensibility is my tailor. He takes my measurements anew every time he sees me. While all the rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.
— George Bernard Shaw

Navigation starts by taking flight from the launchpad. It's all in alignment with my intrinsic passions and the qualities of highest importance that support my mission. I've devoted a page just for the articulation of my mission statement you can read right here. Another aspect I'm compelled to convey is a more transparent view of myself and I invite you to learn more about me in this way. I believe quality is job number one and I wish to show you how I engage the art of doing what I love, this page is dedicated to work as play. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for the miraculous powers of the water element, so I channeled that depth of knowledge for you into a reservoir right here.

Water is practically paramount to me, but perhaps I saved the best for last. Music, is my love supreme. It was my first great teacher and the recurring catalyst for me to remember who I am again and build this better website. Tune in here to that page.

I'm eager to see how this new territory will ignite greater authenticity in me, so that I can be of better service to increasing the value of your life. I'm resolved to more magnificence and broadcasting with verve. The conviction of purpose is visceral and I'm fully invested in being radically direct in my communication and actions. I refuse to sink and am committed to excellence through self improvement while simultaneously supporting you. 


Now, in all of this, if you're not already experiencing the divine reflection of a similar personal transcendence, I would encourage you to remember that serenity can strike at any moment and present surprises are certainly stalking you around the corner of tomorrow. The person you are right now is not the same one as yesterday. You have the choice to reinvent yourself through amazing grace and recreate your life like an elemental phase change.

Use the force, go with the flow and have fun. Compose your reality with passion and improvise with plasticity. The sacred geometrical structure of existence is steeped in significance and you are supported by a thing called love. Feel the inner mounting flame of third eye activation, animated in 3D.

I wish to initiate connections with you, as a collective community of aspiring individuals who are committed to making a positive difference in this world of magic and madness. Meet me somewhere in the middle way, let's balance the continuum and generate a gestalt of seamless integration. If you dig the vibes, please use any of the social media links at the bottom of this page to contact me, leave a comment and share my continuity with others.

Mastery is an increasingly small deviation from perfection
— Stephen Harrod Buhner