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There’s only one place in the whole universe that was made especially for you and that’s inside your own body.
— Stephen Harrod Buhner

All living species are linked in a continuum of communication. Interconnected networks of hyper social super-organisms, coevolving through the exchange of information. Adding value to their biological community through the process of adaptive sensory responses. Language as an art, tool, technology or strategy is not unique to humans. In fact, our verbal structures are relatively clumsy when compared to the ingenious techniques devised by supposedly lower life forms such as bacteria, plants and insects. Recent research regarding the Gaian theory is discovering that pretty much all other living things display an intelligence that is vastly superior to the way we talk to each other. Read this fascinating book about it by Stephen Buhner.

I feel like we're very fortunate to have several other capacities for communication that have repeatedly proven themselves to be highly effective at exchanging information. To the initiated, these immortal techniques are languages older than words, yet so simple that young children can potentially be naturally born geniuses at mastering them. Some of these subtle interactions are intuition, feeling, E.S.P....and they all come from the heart, guts, soul, but do not originate from the mind. The primary model I'm passionate about highlighting here is body language.

Invisible thoughts, feelings and intentions are telegraphed through the body and spiritual energy is manifested in the physical form. Our bodies are intelligently engineered to convey the meaning of our messages. Cultivating kinesthetic awareness teaches us about ourselves, other people and the contextual relations to the world around us. An intimate perception of how we move our bodies is a multidimensional map to understanding ones psychological state in the present moment. The importance of this observational strategy is critical when it comes to compassion, empathy and learning how to embody more of the love energy.

The spectrum of our experiences are encompassed by two contrasting emotions. Pleasure and pain. These feeling states are reflected first in the body, even before words can be spoken. By turning our attention to structural alignment in every moment, improvements in posture will cause a radical shift in form, function as well as mood. Transmuting pain into pleasure. With enough intention and patience, this pattern recognition becomes a natural process of self development. This begins to appear like a positive expansion, instead of negative contraction.

The quickest way to change your emotional state is to change your body language.
— Tony Robbins

We can literally change our body chemistry by changing our body posture. Like a power pose instead of a passive pose. And when it comes to engaging another person, only about 10% of what's received is the actual words and 80% is body language. The remaining 10% is voice tone, or what I call music. Context is always more important than content.

Now here's a point on social behavior. Through the process of domestication, our vocabulary has been diminished and the dictionaries have reduced in size. Another unfortunate side effect of domesticated civilization is the dependence on sedentary habits and limited movements. Restricted mobility and robotic repetition. The majority of people have fewer words and physical expressions, resulting in the augmented atrophy of our bodies and minds. Now that is rather retarded. This is a call to action. Attention Artists of Life. Arise. Compose the symphony of your composure.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.
— Bruce Lee

I feel as though we're intrinsically designed to move the majority of our messages. It's like music. Life is music. A living musical movement. It's as if our bodies are holographic projections of consciousness. Animated sculptures. Poetry in motion. Flowing with meaning. And meant to be felt. We can have more harmony and less dissonance. It's in the beat of the heart. Look at the art of dancing and the beauty of ballet. When we synchronize to a sound and swing with a rhythm, the performance can be one of the most compelling styles of communication. It's all about rock and roll. Plus perhaps, some sex and drugs.

On the subject of drugs, and although I certainly don't advocate the recreational use of controlled substances (nor the control of them), I must mention MDMA: methylene-dioxy-meth-amphetamine. Otherwise known as "Ecstasy" in some social circles, this chemical, which is now illegal (but was once available as prescription), is basically an abstract concentration of molecules that are naturally manufactured in our bodies. The research on this synthetically produced compound is enlightening. Especially by the organization MAPS (multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies). The beneficial experiences reported by nearly all subjects is very exciting. They're repeatedly successful in helping people permanently heal from psychic trauma that used to be buried in their physiology. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is an epidemic problem, and the way I see it, virtually saturating someone with serotonin (a hormone that promotes happiness), in conjunction with intense psychotherapy, is proving to be revolutionary as a positive cure.

The primary reason why I point out MDMA is because of its visceral impact on the body. It reportedly helps one to embody a complete connection to loving feelings through ecstatic perception of everything. My own life path has become directed by healing and transcending, so I enthusiastically support effective strategies that generate measurable results (but I do not recommend illegal and sometimes dangerous drugs). In order to have a holistically integrated healthy lifestyle, I believe we need to get back in touch with our bodies. There's a lot of stressful stuff that we ignore and resist, but ends up manifesting abstractly as psychosomatic diseases. There are appropriate tools available for augmenting the aesthetic quality of our lives. All we have to do is care enough to choose which ones suit us just right.



One modality which intrigues me, is massage. This form of physical therapy, when practiced by a trained professional or intuitive enthusiast like myself, gets up close and personal with a person's body and through proper attentiveness, can communicate profound healing messages. There is a richly detailed vocabulary encoded within the muscle matrix of our bodies and the ability to read and interpret these structures comes naturally to me. Because I care deeply about the inner traditions of this intimate craft and ones comfort levels, I often get consumed in the process and become unified with the person I'm working with. It's really amazing how easy it is to exchange emotional dialogue by digging through the sinuous storage of symbols under layers of skin. The anatomy of humans is a great work of art.

Every disease is a musical problem.
— Novalis

Some technologies that have nourished my own physical landscape and added to the repertoire of my personal vocabulary are: stretching practices such as yoga, deep breathing, balancing exercises, walking on "slack lines" (I call them Inspiration Lines, and you can see one of my videos here), flat footed squatting, sweating in saunas, grounding to the Earth energy through bare feet, inversions, floating in sensory deprivation tanks, restful sleep, drinking pure living spring water, meditation, music, gratitude and forgiveness. All these things and more are, in my experience, essential components for learning how to listen to what my body is saying and understanding how to speak its language more fluently.

I believe that body language deserves much more devoted attention from all of us. It doesn't escape my observations how most people have lost touch with this intrinsic communication style. I'm honored to share some of my thoughts and feelings surrounding this subject with you. If you look, listen and feel into yourself and others with subtle sensitivity, you'll come closer to the contours and vibrations of the invisible spiritual essence.

The well rounded Artist of Life is a master of body language and reminds oneself consistently to uphold higher alignments with body, mind and spirit. We are broadcasting live and can see transparently and respond fluidly. I know we are all worthy of the most delicious relationship with our bodies. Love what you got!

The first step in the ecological reclamation of the self is to feel, to reclaim the parts of ourselves that feel and feel deeply.
— Stephen Harrod Buhner