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Can you imagine what it would feel like to lose all external sensory stimulation and be left alone with nothing else except for the invisible void of consciousness?

This question only hints at the myriad possibilities of what one might experience through complete detachment from the physical body and skim below the stuff of familiar everyday reality. Another world of sensations emerge when the third dimensional realm is discarded entirely and perceived securities disappear. To step out into the limitless sea of eternal spiritual nature, which humans interpret through the mind and heart, is a surrendering to the wild transcendence of pure imagination.

I invite you loosen the leash and let your mind run free to explore an idea that can be pursued for real and probably help you deal effectively with any of the pain, fear or anxiety associated with struggling to survive in this modern society. The topic I'm talking about is commonly referred to as the "Float Tank" but also goes by other names, such as "Isolation Tank" and "Sensory Deprivation Tank". The knowledge of this practice is spreading rapidly and more people are becoming interested in trying it for themselves.

"The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool that I've ever used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving." Joe Rogan

Although it's an adventure that's scary to some people, others are embracing this technology and thriving with the tremendous benefits they receive through even just a single session. I fall into the latter category and instantly fell in love with the experience when I decided to do it earlier this year. Here's some of my observations...

During the final days of my living in Philadelphia, I wanted to give myself a gift, so I spontaneously found a place to float and scheduled a session. It was small but welcoming, warm and friendly. The room was clean and comfortable. Left alone, I undressed, showered, made sure everything was in order and finally stepped inside the large chamber.

They provide everything needed to have a safe and effective session. The procedure is quite simple, remove clothing, wash off, insert ear plugs, take a small flashlight for inside if needed, turn off the overhead light and hoist the old anchors to set sail. Once inside and sitting down, the only thing left is to close the door, do the damn thing and wait for the timed fade-in music to signal when to get out.

The ability for a person to stay afloat when laying flat is because the highly filtered water is saturated with a ton of Epsom salt. (That also makes the surface pretty slippery, so be cautious when getting in and out.) Sitting down with the little blue ball of light I had illuminating the periphery around me, I closed the door, shut off the light and settled into the surrounding darkness.

"The water is heated to the same temperature as your body and theres eight hundred pounds of salt in the water, so you just float there and relax, and because the water is the same temperature as your body you don't really feel it after a while." Joe Rogan

It was really a funny thing when I went horizontal because as soon as I did, the overwhelming sensation of falling freaked me out and I instantly shot back up as a triggered reaction. After a few seconds, I gave it another go and got used to it immediately as a sort of primal remembering. I quickly grew accustomed to the attenuations of sight, sound and feeling. The pace of my thinking process eventually slowed down to a distant murmur as my brain diminished an octave to the theta waves inside this opaque apparatus.

The two things that were most present to my mind in the beginning were, my head was miraculously above the water, and how many people would never voluntarily do this. It's understandable why a person of impatience and claustrophobic types would decline out of resistance to their innermost fears. But for those of us who seek the stillness within our souls and can even thrive inside the cloistered environment of a personality-splitting psychedelic scenario, this is for you.

It was extraordinarily blissful to be steeped within such an experience. In the absence of external distractions, the focus of my attention was drawn down into the matrix of my body and mind. A playful chorus of bodily processes echoed inside my ears. The sound of breathing, heartbeat, bone joints popping, organs digesting. Curiosity about these things soon hypnotized me into a trance-like state and almost to a dreamy sleep. Lengthening into the relaxed lucidity of this supine position, my very perception of time and attachment to it, dissolved until eternity overcame me and I became lost.

Wandering the endless paths of a spiritual forest.

Ensconced within this liquid cocoon, the contented relaxation nearly led me to believe I could be quite okay like this forever. When the music finally signaled me to emerge, the previous pressure of city-life stress was washed away and replaced with a sobering rejuvenation. I felt significantly better than before and even more than I had in a long time. It was as though being baptized in some holy water and born again through a seamless blending of a massage and meditation.

The two main reasons I attribute for most of the tremendous benefits are because of the Epsom salts and the levitation factor of anti-gravity. The concentration of magnesium and trace minerals absorb into the structure of the body and sooth muscles, joints and skin. The sense of weightlessness due to the removal of a gravity field allows the body/mind to physically and mentally disengage from fighting just to stay up everyday. This latter effect has far reaching potential to ameliorate any residual stress that everyone carries on their shoulders.

Another good thing about what's going on in there is that, it's closely related to being back in the safety of our original home base, the mothers womb, where we're free to drift in a sweet salinity and simply let life be as it is. That's gotta be some serious psychological healing right there.

I was so glad to do it and felt fortunate to have done it. The positive effects lasted for days. This therapy is essential for people who suffer from all kinds of physical and mental disorders. I can't recommend it enough. There's a ton of information that can be found on the internet if you want to research this subject some more. And if you can afford to give yourself a gift by regularly treating yourself to a technology of invaluable healing potential, I strongly encourage you to consider floating as a viable practice.

Because I didn't know about it before and had so much pleasurable success afterward, I just wanted to share a little bit with you, so that if you or anyone you know who is sinking from the weight of painful circumstances, might stay afloat and even be able to swim back to the safety of solid ground again. When the waves of a crowded civilization come crashing down on you with demanding force, know that there's a lighthouse for you and a port to dock in for making repairs on deck.

Explore all the options for health maintenance and healing through alternative modalities other than the mainstreams insane institutions. Set your compass in the desired direction and may the winds always be at your back.