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Indignant: Strong displeasure at something considered unjust, offensive, insulting.

Notice the word Dignity woven within there. Dignity is defined as: the state or quality of honor or respect. This is a person who has principles and clearly defined boundaries. Actions of indignation can serve to protect our dignity. If there's any real dignity left within us after generations of domesticated civilization.

I've been thinking about indignation recently after watching a video by self defense coach and combatives expert, Tony Blauer, in which he promotes the power and vitality which can come from integrating this word. (Or, sword.) I find that his authenticity and passion is communicated quite effectively in his mission to empower people.

The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is the single most important skill anyone can possess.
— Tony Blauer

Tony is passionate about self defense. His methods are intuitive, practical and effective. He doesn't believe violence, abuse or attacks should be tolerated. He shows us simple strategies for expressing our innate reflexes and preserving our sovereignty. Go over to Tony's website for more resources and check out this interview with him and Daniel Vitalis on the Rewild Yourself Podcast.

I recently read a book called Iron John: A Book About Men by Robert Bly. This book is a must read for men of the modern age. It poetically describes a course for us to navigate through the challenges in our lives that prevent us from psychological and emotional integration, while also through metaphorical story telling, points out paths that lead to actualizing masculine energy.

Tony and Robert are two men who inspire and guide me in a positively constructive direction as an evolving man.

It may be mere chance that I have never met an honest pacifist. I have never heard of any pacifist organization that will face facts.
— Ezra Pound

There is a word that is related to this subject; Milquetoast.

It is defined as, one who is timid or submissive. It's a comical word, and its implications aren't very impressive. There's no inspiration from one who is chronically afraid to accept the responsibility to stand up for themselves. This word reminds me to always do my best to never be timid in my actions, but rather to be confident and strong.

I was never trained how to defend myself from psychological or physical abuse. These are strategies I must learn in order to protect myself and be able to effectively serve others. I'm inspired by what I'm learning through remembering the potential power of indignation. To reclaim a healthy balance of dignity, sovereignty, autonomy and masculinity.

None of us are the product of ancestors who refused to defend themselves
— Rory Miller

There is this judgment that gets passed around by many domesticated people in civilization. They say "violence isn't okay and is never the answer". To them, the word indignation is a trigger. It seems they will do just about anything to avoid a confrontation, whether psychic, or physical. They often feel justified in their passivity and try to impose their worldview onto others. How is that not manipulative, controlling, passive aggressive...violent?

Self defense naturally arises from self love. People tend to protect the things they love, such as the wilderness.

Invincibility lies in the defense
— Sun Tzu

I read an account, also in Iron John, of one elder woman in post war Russia who remarked that, the concept of things such as self defense, warriors, violence, carries a whole other meaning of context, after you've been invaded. That's a profound statement.

Detect, defuse, defend. The first and most important stage is situational awareness. If any aggression appears and further escalates, attempt to find a solution through reasonable discussion if possible. If these first two levels fail, defending oneself through any justifiable means necessary is what it takes.

The military and law enforcement agencies have largely taken over that responsibility for us, so we no longer have to be held accountable and can go on living our lives under the illusion that we don't have to worry about bad behaviors, or that domestic arguments, aggression, abuse, and even violence, are never going to be needed by the average citizen.

In 2002, started with focusing on nutrition. I began to care more about my health and began changing things in my lifestyle. Although I didn't know it at the time, that was a self defense strategy. Strengthening our immune systems, fighting against cancer, etc, are all self defense tactics. Our immune systems are constantly on guard and willing to defend our biological kingdoms.

We can see the concept of self defense as three general models: biological, verbal and physical. That's the way nature is. We see it acted out by plants and wild animals everywhere.

Self defense is about recovery from stupidity or bad luck, from finding yourself in a position you would have given almost anything to prevent.
— Rory Miller

"Mind like water" is a phrase from the eastern martial arts philosophy. To illustrate the meaning, imagine this: You're standing at the edge of a still body of water and throw a small pebble into it. The water responds right at the same time, with tiny ripples. Then you throw a large rock into the water, and it instantly responds with a big crashing splash, making huge waves.

The water represents our mind. At rest, it is still, calm, aware. The rock represents external stimulus. Our responses should be directly proportional to the amount of energy introduced. No more or less is necessary, needed, or appropriate.

These are some ways in which I perceive the way of the spiritual warrior. Or The Way Of The Superior Man, which is a book that helped shape the evolution of my own masculinity.

I choose to stand up for what I believe to be right, just and fair. I am here to protect and serve. It's a labor of love. I am grateful for all the people who teach me lessons through showing me what kind of person I do and do not wish to be.

Where do you stand? What will you fight for? Who can you trust with your life?

May you be fierce, feral and free.