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Water is one of the four essential elements on this planet and it's role is vital to the dynamic function of living systems. It's one thing to simply know it and entirely another to live in accordance with it, fully integrated as a lifestyle.

We're immersed in a relationship with water and our interactions with it intrinsically effect the quality of life for all biological organisms. That means the ways we treat water on the global industrial scale and on the everyday individual level have immediate and long term consequences. Our relations can have negative impacts on the environment and species or positively influence the evolution of the life community. My aspiration is to submit viable solutions for us to integrate into our lives.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.
— Bruce Lee

Water is the life blood of the earth and the life of our blood is similarly bonded to water. It's the medium through which the divine creator conducts energetic forces and animates earthly phenomena. The majority of the earth is saturated with this element, and our bodies are mainly comprised of it. When we drink water, a transmutation process begins immediately and becomes our blood within minutes. That occurrence directly influences the overall state of our being, takes place faster and is more profound than the food we eat becoming our bodies.

The question is, what's the quality level of the water we drink? Not all waters have the same value of quality and the different types we choose have dramatic effects at the fundamental level of our bodies, minds and spirits.

Most people are comfortable drinking the liquid that pours out of taps. Technically it's water but the preceding steps it went through from source to tap disturbs it and renders it virtually unsuitable for consumption.


First, the water is confiscated from its original source and confined in a holding cell. Then it usually gets a healthy dose of sewage thrown into the mix, often without public knowledge. What's in the waste? Besides poop and pee there's used toilet paper, used tampons, used condoms, goldfish, toxic household cleaning agents, vomit, drugs, pharmaceutical poisons that passed unabsorbed through wretched intestines and harbor endocrine disrupting xeno-estrogens, ad nauseam. You flush toilets; use you're imagination.

Municipalities obviously need to clean that shit up, so they go through a rigorous process of purification and sterilization. However, the filters don't remove microscopic debris, and its common practice to add chlorine, and then fluoride.

Self righteous authorities joke around that its good for your teeth, when Adolph Hitler first used fluoride in WW2, and it really only serves to compromise the integrity of the teeth, calcify the pineal gland which clogs spiritual imagination and renders the rational minds of free thinking humans into docile servitude.

typical crisscross corroded pipes carrying municipal waste and drinking water underground. out of sight, out of mind. ignorance isn't bliss.
typical crisscross corroded pipes carrying municipal waste and drinking water underground. out of sight, out of mind. ignorance isn't bliss.

On top of all that, it's forced through straitjacket, sharp angled pipes which defy water's naturally preferred form of movement and further agitates it's molecular makeup. Not only that but the pipe material itself is leaching corrosive metals and plastic BPA's. Cities are required to replace old public pipes but rarely do and the owners of individual home units are held accountable for maintaining the integrity of pipes under their own property grounds.

In my whole life, I've seen zero home renovations for water or sewage lines, which run side by side. Consider taking precautionary action by attaching a filter your shower head because the volatile chemicals in the water evaporate when hot and your body absorbs them through the lungs and skin.

Bottled water is quickly becoming the leading choice for consumers who are conscious of the faucets fall from grace. Purchasers of these products need to know that bottled water has a dark side too. I recently read a book called Bottlemainia which goes into exhaustive detail about the ubiquitous industry. I'll distill as much as I can to spare you the agony.

Basically, big corporations, coke and pepsi to name only two out of dozens, are buying up huge swaths of land and stealing water from aquifers shared with regional communities. In their acidic sodas they use municipal tap liquid added to refined sugar. Many bottle brands just use the cities toxic tap supplies for their products and filter it a little further. For the most part they draw from shallow ground water tables and run it through refineries and this stage degrades the the water to a large degree.

From an environmental and ethical perspective, the vast infrastructure required to perpetuate this madness wreaks havoc on the lands, seas and the creatures inhabiting them. Resources are round up and molded into disposable containers for lifeless products.

Plastic is produced from petroleum, which is used profusely in every step of manufacturing and transportation. Unfortunately the petrol-plastic has a rate of decomposition that places second to eternity and only breaks down to smaller bits that sea life ingest and litters the land. Another problem that plastic poses is the off-gassing of its BPA's and other contaminants. They pass directly into the water from the bottle, are absorbed into the environment, our bodies and finally pissed right back into the continuous circus of recycled sewage.

Water from wells, filters and other options are the preferred choice for lots of people who stand in rigid defense by these waters and technologies. Though for the sake of brevity, i'm going to skip over this part and go right to the quintessential heart of the whole story.

Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.
— Bruce Lee

My journey to the source began when I was in my mid teens. My father sold filters for a few years before then and was always adamant about drinking more water for health. He supplied the simple pour through filter and encouraged us to drink up. Until then it was just straight from the tap like everyone else.

After ten years I advanced to filling up larger BPA free plastic containers with reverse osmosis water from the health food stores. Two years of toting those on my bike went by until I heard Daniel Vitalis talk about drinking wild spring water. He's the creator of a website for virtually anyone finding a spring anywhere in the world. It's been five years of drinking only living wild water, with very few exceptions.

It's a high priority for me to have access to spring water, so I organize my life situations to accommodate that. I've traveled around the world quite a bit the past two years and have had spring water with me nearly every day. I deliberately avoid circumstances that would force me to imbibe on bottled or tap liquids. The only two bottled water companies I endorse for quality standards delivered to your home or office in glass are Summit Spring Raw Water and one you've probably seen before, Mountain Vally Spring Water.

Why would I go to such lengths do this? Is spring water really all that much better than other waters? I mean, you drink different waters and they look clean enough and taste like water usually does, so they must be fine and it's certainly easier, right?

First, recall the unfortunate cases of tap and bottled stuff. You're probably familiar with the hydrological cycle: oceans evaporate, clouds condense, rain falls to the earth, rivers run back to the ocean and some seeps underground. That last part is the one left largely unexplored and missing in mainstream social dialog. I don't remember anyone ever talking about drinking spring water or where it came from when I was growing up in school.

an experiment I did at home: two sealed glasses of water, one dead tap, the other dynamic spring pictured here with growing green spontaneous sprout
an experiment I did at home: two sealed glasses of water, one dead tap, the other dynamic spring pictured here with growing green spontaneous sprout

Water percolates down deep through the earths many layers of rock, sand and clay. This filters the water better than anything humans have ever devised. There it collects in subterranean aquifers for untold numbers of years, possibly thousands. When it's accumulated enough vital essences, water is then compelled to bore a tunnel and rise up again. It determines its course and begins to rise toward the sun through the force of levity. It's double filtered this time around and the heavier mineral particulates are held back by the force of gravity.

By the time it reaches the surface at the source of a spring it's clean, pristine and has a well balanced profile of trace minerals. It contains encoded information because structurally it's in formation. It's living, animated, intelligent highly conscious and freely shares it's love and wisdom which it accumulated in the underground university with every living thing upon the earth.

Water can think, feel, remember, give, receive, respond and transmit. It's hyper intelligent and is commonly referred to as the universal solvent. When it's in it's immature state as rain, above ground or distilled into H2O, it grabs whatever it's in contact with and envelops those substances seamlessly into its own matrix. That could be earth energies and organic minerals or metal, plastic, synthetic toxins and negative thoughts or emotions. Any of these things will literally become infused as one with the water, go on to become our blood and ultimately ourselves.

Do you feed your body as though it's a temple, or abuse it like a garbage dump?

Masaru Emoto, born July 22 1943, is a Japanese author best known for his research that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. You may have seen his work in the popular movie, "what the bleep do we know?" or his book "the hidden messages in water".

the water wizard at work
the water wizard at work

Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958) was an Austrian forester, naturalist, philosopher, inventor and creator of what he called implosion technology. Known otherwise as the "water wizard", Schauberger developed leading edge free energy theories based on fluidic vortices and movement in nature through spending many of his days in quiet contemplation of the virgin forests. He gained an intimate understanding of how nature operates and water specifically spoke to him of it's secrets, the main idea was to comprehend and copy nature.

His pioneering body of work has been collected and translated into several books by Callum Coats and are required reading for the initiated. His books are available in libraries and online but if you desire to dive in immediately you can view this PDF file on Living Energies or watch this documentary on youtube.

True spring water is purely protected in the earths incubating chambers from that which would compromise its integrity and corrupt its efficacy, namely light, heat and industrial pollutants. In this inner sanctum, water is provided with appropriate conditions to transform into its superior state. Under these circumstances, true spring water collected at the source is the cleanest substance we can come into contact with.

This is essential for those of us interested in rewilding right down to the DNA level and staying current with the latest news feed straight from the source.

Once harvested, it's important to understand what reacts with water and the ideal conditions to shield it from exposure to minimize loss of vital essences. First, glass containers are the preferred vessels and if plastic is all you have then use ones that are free from BPA's. There's many different sizes, shapes and accessories available online and in stores to accommodate this task. Be sure to practice safe handling techniques while maneuvering glass.

Exposure to light and heat will degrade the molecular structure of water and decrease it's value over time. Store your water in the coldest and darkest area of your home. Keeping it covered will extend it's longevity and retain freshness for weeks. Bear in mind that unlike lifeless tap liquid, spring water is dynamic and can potentially breed bacteria after months of containment in less than ideal conditions. That's a good sign that it's living but you wouldn't want to drink it after that.

True hydration is experiential, and not to be found in literature. Carry the real deal with you during you days, not in a cheap plastic disposable bottle but rather in a Miron Violetglass. You deserve the best, water wants you to have it and the Surthrivability of the life community depends on it.

EARTH (Emanates A Resonance That Heals)

EARTH (Emanates A Resonance That Heals)