Are you the kind of person who likes to take care of yourself, family or loved ones? Is having a healthy and happy lifestyle that's also in line with environmentally sustainable practices important to you? Perhaps you're the type of person who prefers to shop for groceries at health food stores or even locally at seasonal farmers markets? Can you remember the days when you used to ease the anxiety of your friends and neighbors around the dinner table by saying, "don't panic it's organic"? Let's suppose you're a vegan and well, it's probably better just stop right there and leave it at that.

Anyway, I'm asking these questions in order to draw your focus toward the attenuation of critical thinking in the perspectives of health oriented people with good intentions. I'm one such person and admit that the whole story behind the prevailing opinions about organic food and agricultural farming is quite complex and not always easy to swallow. Perhaps unfortunately, the intrinsic facts don't conveniently condone our complicit participation in the zeitgeist of today's large and even small scale domesticated production methods.


We need a radical shift in this paradigm if we really want to thrive right now and provide a viable future for the whole life community. In order to do this effectively, a new direction must be decided upon by individuals and communities. We will have to make compromises and allow sacrifices. It's not always easy but it can be fun. What we lose on any given days, we exponentially gain in many other ways. 

I certainly don't have all the answers but I'm doing my best to improve my own life and add value to the quality of others. But I'll tell you one person whose informed opinion I do respect concerning these matters. My brother and good friend, Daniel Whipple. His practical experience from one year of recent immersion in what he calls "micro scale industrial farming" qualifies him to elucidate on this subject in my eyes. 

In this interview, I sit down and ask him a few questions. The sheer scope of his myriad insights reaches far beyond the brief time allotted in this video. But Daniel deftly covers an incredible amount of topics and illustrates his point of view with an inspired articulation that fiercely challenges the status-quo. He advocates plant communication, food sovereignty and Re-wilding practices as some solutions to adopt. The anecdotes and answers he offers are invitations to thrive. At the very least, our conversation is good wholesome food for thought.

Let's work and play together for recreating an approximation of paradise in this world. May our lifestyle contradictions be forgiven, for we contain multitudes in the artistic expression of an evolving manifestation. A divine spiritual energy creates a continuum of well balanced love in the source field of eternal nature. 

In the second half, we give you a visual tour of a day in the life on a farm somewhere near Portland with Daniel doing the rounds. The solo guitar music was composed and recorded by him on location for his "Union" debut album. 

David WhippleComment