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On life and the rope

Climbing a rope can be a challenging obstacle to overcome. It used to be an impossible problem for me. Requiring physical strength which I just didn’t possess. Plus a certain psychological perspective that is optimistically oriented to override potential limitations in a body. Mind over matter.

Work smarter, not harder. As I demonstrate in this video, there’s a simple technique to apply that makes the climb more efficient. Align the rope to one side of the body. Keep the inside leg by the outside of the rope. Get a good grip with the hands on the rope high above the head. Wrap the outside foot below and across the inside of the rope. This creates a step ladder effect when the feet are pressed together. The strategy is highly effective at spreading the stress evenly between the upper and lower body. It enables anyone to successfully ascend to the top with more ease and grace.

I see most people struggling to get off the ground. They use the arms and don’t know what to do with the legs. It’s awkward and humorous. Often we just don’t have access to the appropriate information that would help us to gain advantages over difficult situations. This is an example of one thing that can bring liberation to a movement practice and further into areas of lifestyle. It builds confidence through achievement. It’s possible and fun.
A rope climb is a good metaphor for life. Personally and everywhere in society. Many issues are presented to the mind and reflected in the body. Fear, exhaustion, excuses and distractions. Then there’s the choice to quit and retreat at the halfway point, or to commit and go all the way. To think and act with greater intelligence is impressive and sophisticated. To become a leader and source of inspiration, one must learn new ways of doing things that gets things done better. Transcend weakness and worry. Be open to knowledge and the activation of personal power. Every moment is saturated with the possibility of higher education.

These are just a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned and love to share. I explain some stuff in the video and show how it’s done. This article is simply an insight to something that is best integrated through experience. I encourage you to find a rope near you and get after it. It might be a good idea to consider hanging one around your home and have it conveniently at hand for consistent practice.

I suggest listening to music that generates a positive mood and atmosphere. Believe, behave, become. Remember to breathe. You got this.

Music performed and mixed by my good friend Dustin Collins with bass playing by myself. Check out more of his creative sounds here.

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