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(WARNING: Chocolate causes IRRATIONAL people who DON'T eat it!!!)

The primary intention of this post is to highlight one of the greatest chocolate making companies in the world and my personal favorite by far! Sacred Heart Chocolate

I never really loved dark chocolate growing up until I turned 25. After a few years of researching and personal experimentation with a healthier lifestyle, I came across the book Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe. That writing, and research expanded my potential levels of nutrition, knowledge and excitement. With the introduction of raw cacao, my relationship with the real deal became an instant love affair that opened up my heart and mind.

The time around holidays are obviously perfect opportunities to share chocolate gifts with others. But anytime is actually appropriate. This is an amazing food and medicine for the health and happiness of our hearts. Literally and metaphorically. And in my opinion, no one captures the pure essence of this reality better than Sacred Heart Chocolate.

"At Sacred Chocolate we use a unique, time honored tradition of slowly stone grinding beans at low temperatures in order to deliver the finest tasting, and most nutrient rich chocolate."

What makes Sacred Chocolate different from other chocolate?

"Founded by Raw Food pioneer David Wolfe, and Entrepreneur Steve Adler, Sacred Chocolate is comprised of a small team of dedicated, artisanal chocolate makers, overseen by Executive Chef, Chocolatier Dereme Church. The lush, and complex flavors of Sacred Chocolate are the direct result of preserving the terroir and natural nutritional value of cacao through our low temperature process.

From bean to bar (and truffle!), Sacred Chocolate uses a traditional method of slowly stone grinding cacao at low temperature, below 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Slow stone grinding and hand assembly allows us to create chocolates with a silk velvet mouth feel and depth that is lost in popular high heat, mass production chocolate manufacturing.

"The sensory pleasure of Sacred Chocolate bars and truffles reflects our commitment to using only premium raw, and organic ingredients sourced locally, and globally. Unlike mass chocolate producers, we never use weak cacao “filler” beans to boost cacao percentage. We also do not use cane sugar, which is implicated in numerous health risks, and interferes with the pure expression of quality cacao beans. Instead, we bring out the naturally rich flavor of our cacao beans with natural organic maple sugar, a wild crop that is culled from sustainable forests.

"The spirit of love and gratitude that we put into our chocolate and confections extends to the design of our custom, certified organic, and carbon-balanced factory in beautiful San Rafael, California. Sacred Chocolate is also proud to craft bars from cacao that is purchased from farmers at above Fair Trade Standards. We dedicate resources to educating people on the super-food properties of RAW cacao, and the value of traditional, slow food making processes.

Also Sacred Chocolate® supports the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. From bean to bar, Sacred Chocolate reflects the love and dedication of its makers, and the divine nature of cacao."

Insider interview with co-founders of Sacred Chocolate, Steve Adler and David 'Avo' Wolfe.

The Pleasure and Health Benefits of Raw Chocolate

"Raw Chocolate is one of the highest known sources of anti-oxidants, surpassing even green tea, dark berries, and red wine sources. (Sacred Chocolate contains double the antioxidants of chocolate made from roasted beans.) Raw Chocolate is noted for its high Magnesium, Phosphorus and Chromium content. RAW chocolate contains 1/20 the Caffeine of coffee beans. The “high” that most people experience from commercial chocolate is a result of refined sugar added during processing. Sacred Chocolate uses no refined sugars, or additives. All Sacred Chocolate and TRUTH Truffles are Dairy/Gluten/Soy FREE.

Raw Cacao stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. It contains more than 300 known Phytonutrients including PEA, Anandamide & Tryptophan, natural anti-depressants, serotonin builders, and stress defense shield boosters. The Theobromine present in raw cacao dilates blood vessels, thereby oxygenating the cells, which may contribute to heart health. Given all the health and pleasure benefits of chocolate, it is no surprise that the scientific name for cacao is theobroma cacao meaning, “food of gods!”

A final note, there's a lot of shady business going on in this industry by big corporations. They're taking advantage of basic human rights and destroying the health of the natural environment. It's very bad news and I'm sure you don't want to help support that sort of extreme negativity. Please inform yourself on the tragic stuff going on behind the scenes.

The undercover documentary The Dark Side Of Chocolate does a great job of exposing the criminal actions and hopefully inspires you to do something super positive about this situation. Vote with your money (Sacred Heart Chocolate). Your purchases really do count and there are superior options available today.