Sedona News Feature Article


It was a pleasant, sun filled Spring day in Sedona Arizona. I was playing in a park with some friends, practicing what I refer to as "Jedi training on the Inspiration line", which is essentially walking on a slack-line, similar to a tight-rope. A young man approached us and asked if we were locals. It turns out that he was a reporter for the Sedona Red Rock Newspaper and he was fishing for stories for their weekly paper. He requested an interview with me about a day in the life of the local scene and what I do. I obliged him and with his tape recorder running, we talked on for nearly an hour. The image below is the article as it appeared.

The job of the writer is to travel into wilderness and bring back meaning in buckets made of words, to give it as drink to the thirsty, to slake the thirst of those who have lived isolated for too long inside their own houses, to give them the living experience of wild water.
— Stephen Harrod Buhner

Thanks for reading that! I hope this inspires you! Here's a video of me actually live on location where the water springs up! And another bonus video interview I did with a friend at the source! And in case you're curious about what the inspiration line is, watch this video where I explain and demonstrate it for you.

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