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Have you ever experienced those mysterious moments where time seems to melt and the present NOW becomes the most important thing? It's an intriguing phenomenon. Some say its similar to déjà vu. The word for it is synchronicity.

When it truly occurs and is allowed to manifest without being forced, the impression it makes is unmistakable. These instances could range in subjective significance, from insubstantial to profound. One can never predict when exactly it will strike, unlike a clock ringing a bell on the hour. The next one could be 10 minutes or 10 years away. Then, out of nowhere, it hits. It is analogous to a drug; it alters ones state of consciousness - but it is rather a pure distillation. It is spiritual in nature.

My inspiration for writing this article comes from reading "The Synchronicity Key", David Wilcocks bold sequel to his brilliant "The Source Field Investigations". I thought of my own experience with this oddity. I'd like to share my own most outstanding example with you.

But first, a brief look at a few excerpts from one chapter in Mr. Wilcocks writing on this subject ...

"The term synchronicity, as it applies to psychology, was coined by Dr. Carl Gustav Jung in the 1920's. Jung was a Swiss psychologist who studied under the legendary pioneer Dr. Sigmund Freud. The dictionary definition of synchronicity, as it applies to psychology, is “the simultaneous occurrence of causally unrelated events—and the belief that the simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence.” In plain language, synchronicity is a mysterious event in which two or more things happen at the same time that seem directly related to each other, even though this would normally appear to be impossible.

Jung believed that synchronicity was a key element of spiritual awakening. He felt that synchronicity shifted us out of egocentric thinking into a viewpoint where we see ourselves as far more interconnected with one another. Dr. Jung found that there were a series of symbols and experiences that we all encounter, often in dreams. They are called archetypes, and they range from the most difficult experiences we will ever endure to the most breathtakingly transcendent moments of clarity and triumph. Together, they create the grand story of enlightenment, which Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey.

It is impossible to predict where or when synchronicity will occur. Then one day it does—and in that brief, tantalizing moment, you have touched infinity. You have tasted that which cannot be tasted. You catch a fleeting glimpse of that which cannot be seen—and yet it is just as real as the eyes that gaze upon it, the ears that hear it, and the mind that revels in it ... The universe is vastly more mysterious and wonderful than we assume—and we are loved more than we could ever possibly imagine.

Skeptical people will almost always start picking apart a synchronicity story—coming up with anything they can think of to explain it away as coincidence. Remind your skeptics that synchronicity was actively being discussed by some of the finest scientific minds of the twentieth century, including Albert Einstein, key founders of quantum mechanics, and Carl Jung. This is when, as Jung said, you begin to have a spiritual awakening and are introduced to a greater vision of the universe.

So let’s start asking more of the questions that synchronicity was leading me to find the proof for; What if we are all experiencing a deliberately designed amnesia about our deepest, truest identity—but it fades away more and more as we continue evolving? Could gentleness, kindness, patience, love, acceptance, and forgiveness be the keys that bring us into the greatest harmony with our true identity? Is this conscious universe sending us messages, through synchronicity—bizarre events most dismiss as coincidence—as it seeks to help us achieve our highest evolutionary potential? Could it be possible to use the keys of science to unlock these great mysteries—and prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that they are true?"

By far, my most beatific case of synchronicity, was the summer of 2012. I was visiting BC in Canada to help on David Wolfe's lecture circuit crew. It was a lot of fun for all of us. In between towns, we'd be picking wild berries and jumping into cold rivers. There were three cars carrying our entourage and I was driving with one other woman. She had asked me to tell her about myself. Because the time on the road was of a leisurely pace and her inquiry was genuine, I decided to indulge her a fairly through account of my life story.

When I was reaching the climax of one particular section, I spontaneously used a cliché phrase that I've rarely, if ever, used " ... and the cherry on top was ..." Just as I said that and before I could finish the final statement, we rounded a bend and entered a little town that had, from beginning to end, signs for cherries! Big ones and small ones everywhere selling - cherries. What are the odds of that? Me using that reference, at that exact time and place, plus the fact that it wasn't even the proper season or for cherries?! We both had a pretty good laugh about it.

The main meaning I got out of this experience was that I was in the right place, at the right time, doing what I loved, with fabulous friends. I felt the universe was playfully encouraging me to be grateful for everything I was manifesting and keep up the good attitude. Of course, I was, and have continued to do my best to uphold that state of ecstasy in a perpetual balancing act.

Through the process of tuning into these subtle hints, ordinary reality presents opportunities to become extraordinary. Training ourselves to access these higher vibrational frequencies can offer clues to transcending common complacency and saturate our lives with more meaning.

May your life be blessed with boundless majesty and ever increasing excellence!



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