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One of the amazing aspects of traveling adventures is that they can take us to some awesome springs. I've been drinking predominantly fresh spring water since 2008 with very few exceptions. There is one good spring near San Fran that I like to stop at whenever I drive through and while on another road trip along the west coast, I shot a short video. In this video, I describe a little bit about the spring and the inspiration that flows from it.


Getting in to cold water is something I’ve been practicing with growing enthusiasm since 2008. There are many reasons why I choose to do it. Above all is because it’s fun and generates health, happiness and a feeling of vitality. I decided to shoot a video demonstrating one way to do it and want to write a little bit about it.


Can you imagine what it would feel like to lose all external sensory stimulation and be left alone with nothing else except for the invisible void of consciousness? The topic I'm talking about is commonly referred to as the "Float Tank" but also goes by other names, such as "Isolation Tank" and "Sensory Deprivation Tank". The knowledge of this practice is spreading rapidly and more people are becoming interested in trying it for themselves


Water is the life blood of the earth and the life of our blood is similarly bonded to water. When we drink water, a transmutation process begins immediately and becomes our blood within minutes. That occurrence directly influences the overall state of our being, takes place faster and is more profound than the food we eat becoming our bodies. The question is, what's the quality level of the water we drink


We all understand that sunlight enables plants to grow. However, the effect of the suns light changes after harvesting, accelerating the molecular decaying process. Miron glass is an antioxidant glass that works essentially like a natural filter. This is by far, the best glass in the world.