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The first time I remember hearing about a total solar eclipse (TSE) was 2005 while reading “Marriage Of The Sun And Moon: A Quest For Unity In Consciousness”, by Andrew Weil M.D. He writes, “The union of the Sun and the Moon is recurrent in philosophies and myths world-wide, that are symbolic of the union of conscious and unconscious forces within the human psyche that must take place if one is to become whole. To participate in that moment of uncanny equilibrium is to have one’s faith strengthened in the possibility of equilibrium and to experience the paradox that balance and stillness are to be found at the heart of all change … People in the path of a TSE experience dramatic alterations in consciousness, if they allow themselves to view the event. Immediately after a TSE, euphoria is pronounced among those who have watched, and many people continue to feel high and energetic for hours.”

The concept immediately captivated my imagination. But TSE’s only remained in the background of my consciousness and arose very rarely in conversations. Until 2015 when the subject was reintroduced to me through the news of an upcoming one of 2017 in the US. I knew immediately that this event was something I really wanted to see. So I made a commitment to myself that I would.

It’s curious to consider now at the time of this writing, that even though I was intrigued by TSE’s and was planning on seeing this one, I never researched information, pictures, or videos on the subject before seeing it. It wasn’t a conscious choice, but I’m happy to reflect on hindsight that I left myself in a state of virtual naiveté, because I had no preconceived notions or expectations of what was to come. I only knew it was a major event that would somehow be important in my life.

My intention is to articulate my perspectives as a process of my experience, inspire your imagination and wonder of this world, to motivate you to give yourself the gift of seeing a TSE, and to share the information with others who will already be in the path of future TSE’s. I have now done much research on TSE’s and am happy to share my story, along with some of the best information and media that I’ve found from others.

I’m a disciple on a quest for the holy corona, and am deeply grateful to be a witness and a messenger. I’m an "Umbraphile": one who loves being cast under the darkness, mystery, and majesty of the shadow, and will travel the world with the desire to be graced, and humbled by it once more. It is truly an honor, and pleasure beyond measure, to dwell in the magnificence of the divine creators generosity.

Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
— William Butler Yeats

Watch this short video documentation of the totally awesome journey. Listen with high quality headphones for increased aural pleasure and view in HD for best visualization.


The mission plan was simple: road trip from Arizona to Oregon and secure a secluded spot for the TSE. Traveling together with a friend, we orchestrated our resources, route, and then set forth. Two weeks for two minutes. It’s more about the journey than the destination. The TSE, being our ultimate destination, was almost incidental. When compared to the context of the traveling experience in its entirety, an object such as this can be viewed as an excuse to lure one out on an uncertain adventure into the vast expanse of wilderness territories, enjoy the process, and learn about life and death.

To be certain, we went to see the TSE, but it was an invitation to experience even more, through the way it beckoned us with beauty and mystery; enrolling one to venture through a portal, and open up to the seductive possibilities awaiting to be discovered on the other side.

Our schedule and route was choreographed to provide us with a leisurely pace in order to appreciate the places we passed through while camping comfortably in the car. The Sierra mountains of eastern California, soaking in hot springs of the desert, finding cold springs for filling up drinking water, pastoral landscapes, impressive lakes, wild blackberry picking, bittersweet people-watching in cities, damn fine cups of coffee in Portland, and lots of listening to audiobooks, podcasts and music while driving, often under the speed limits.

We had a plan for a remote position in the Willamette National Forest. There were large forest fires in the area that added to the eerie anticipation, and traffic was hyped up in the public media to be a historic headache (It was a non-issue). Fortunately, our plan A spot was surprisingly unpopulated and a campsite was available. It was ensconced down a dirt road, surrounded by towering trees, and right along a river.

We stayed there undisturbed in peace for 5 days and 4 nights. I brought my friction fire making tools and we had a safe and warm fire every evening and morning. There was a beautiful chicken of the woods mushroom that we found, harvested and made for 3 delicious meals. There were invigorating cold dips in the river of course. It was wonderful to relax in this cathedral of contemplation.

"The real story behind Ted Hesser and Andrew Studer capturing their iconic images of the eclipse at Smith Rock. It will give you chills."


There are things known and things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.
— Aldous Huxley

Then came the momentous morning. Time seemed to speed up and I noticed a slight nervousness. I focused on remaining open in the body mind and soul to receive the importance and significance of this eagerly anticipated event. The Moon made initial contact with the Sun and casually continued to cover its surface. We occasionally wore protective glasses to steal glances at the display. It’s pretty cool to see the partial foreplay leading up to the cosmic climax.

At 15 minutes to totality, strange things started to occur in the surroundings, and inside me. The light took on lightly rusted orange hues, owing in part to the forest fire smoke. The rate of my heart and pace of my mind seemed to accelerate and synchronize with the celestial succession. At 10 minutes, the contrast of the shadows shifted as it filtered through the trees and left little crescent shapes on the ground. I felt haunting sensations from the ominous approach and sequential diminishment of ordinary reality; what psychiatrists call, “derealization”.

At 5 minutes, the disorienting “shadow bands” were waving lightly like ghostly ribbons as the Suns rays were now being warped by the dominating obstruction of this thing called the Moon. My senses became a bit blurred, but I noticed variations in the theme of patterns that interplay between the flora and fauna in the community of life. The tempo of time was dissolving toward a vaporous disillusionment, but I knew it was time for me to detach from old bonds to any preconceived understandings of reality.

2 minutes … 1 minute … unconditional surrender. “Chronocide”. There was a stirring of the soul as the air chilled and the decorative “bailey’s beads” began to gloriously glimmer through the lunar edges. There was a free falling feeling as what little was left of the ambient daylight hopelessly, and helplessly, faded into oblivion.

This is when a full spectrum kaleidoscope of emotions consumes one under the shadowy spell: anticipation, exhilaration, excitement, ecstasy, curiosity, uncertainty, fear, sadness, grief, worry, doubt, sincerity, respect, admiration, fascination, love. The feeling sensorium in this seemingly inescapable scenario is like the best dream ever and the worst nightmare. Now is the moment to remove the glasses and personal filters. Embrace what is. Totality.

The entire surface of the Sun vanished, revealing the “diamond ring effect” of the corona. I was fully steeped in the syrupy shade of the umbra. My jaw dropped at the salient prominences. It was truly the most awesome vision to behold. A few words fell from my gaping maw, but faded with futility in the face of this glorious phenomenon. I gazed in silent rapture and shuddered with reverence beneath the halo of this beatific resplendence. The stellar show sent vibrations down my spine, put a lump in my throat, and nearly brought tears to my eyes.

The coal-black hole in the sky looked like a portal into another dimension. Solar flares were visible, moving in slow motion, and blushed with brilliance. A silvery emanation of silken light danced to the rubato cadence of a supernatural symphony. Thinking ceased and feelings flooded in this unified sensorium. My circadian rhythm must have shifted cycles due to the dimming of light with the onset of night. I wonder now upon reflection of this dreamlike state if there were multi-dimensional revelations being downloaded into my consciousness from the heavens.

The aura of this astral convergence received its cosmic curtain call and came to a close with the playful “bailey’s beads” taking the stage once more for a final bow. They twinkled with jubilance before the Sun came bursting back with its blinding luminescence. There was a chorus of activity in the whole life community with the return of the Sun, and for a few more moments, there lingered traces of “shadow bands” and other effects similar to the beginning, and a memory, of a dream, a vision, oneness.

The TSE left a stain on my soul. It impressed my heart, body and mind. It affirms and reinforces the two operative words that have guided my adult life: balance, patience. To secure ones presence and full participation in a TSE requires patience, and to realize the essence of it is to appreciate the balanced characteristics of its nature.

Represented in a TSE is a reminder; what that means to each person is intimately unique. It rekindles the skill of wonder in the playground of ones imagination. Some examples of life lessons re-cognized from a TSE are: breathe, observe, notice, presence, passion, peace, appreciate, listen, love, feel, enjoy. Remember to consider quality over quantity, and context over content.






A TSE is not ubiquitous in the universe, it is marvelous novelty. Partial solar eclipses (PSE’s), even 99%, are vaguely interesting at worst, or pretty cool at best, but they pale in comparison and just don’t make the grade; it’s all or nothing, in many people’s opinion, mine included.

As stated in Marriage Of The Sun And Moon by Andrew Weil M.D. “People who have seen only PSE’s cannot know the beauty of the full spectacle because the experience within the path of totality is different not in degree, but in kind.”

Or to use an analogical description, in the words of Mark Twain, “The difference between the right word and the almost right word, is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

"Umbraphile David Baron chases these rare events across the globe and he explains why you owe it to yourself to witness one too."


I am deeply humbled, greatly honored, and extremely happy to have had a space of solitude and a quiet place of peace from which to witness the TSE. Being one who is sensitive to sounds, I believe the noise from large crowds to be incredibly distracting and would, for me, diminish the serenity of the scene. I’ve watched a lot of videos where large groups of people gather and most of them blare a cacophony of shrieking voices that renders a dissonant tone to my ears.

I propose that ones projection of vocalized declarations and play-by-play descriptions while the show plays out, largely prevents one from receiving the phenomena that would otherwise be received; like a conversation, or breathing. But everyone is different and has their individual preferences for group participation. I totally understand why a lot of people react loudly; a TSE is an intensely emotional experience. If you find yourself under the umbra and you decide to make some damn noise, more power to you.

Another aspect in relation to ones perception of a TSE in this modern domesticated civilization of technologically addicted consumers, is how it’s seen; through the naked eye, or a “smart phone”. Like the hysterical hyenas mentioned above, I lament in these videos that many of the privileged people positioned in the path of the umbra (although rightfully deserving enough, provided by the celestial circumstances of uncanny odds) are holding their camera phones in front of their faces, so that it records the situation instead of allowing their retinal aperture and other sensory apparatus to absorb the memories of a lifetime. I would rather take it in through all three eyes, like an “opti-mystic”.

To this point, Andrew Weil says that, “One way to avoid the power of a TSE is to photograph it. I observe that the people who spend the precious time of totality taking pictures are visibly less moved by the event than others.”

Or, in the words of Albert Einstein, “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts ... The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.”

"Neil Tyson urges people to put down their smart phones during TSE, experience it physically and psychologically. 'There is no excuse!'”



I submit my sincere respect to the astronomers and mathematicians who make personal sacrifices in their dedication to discovering the secrets of eclipses in order to share the valuable precision of these predictions with the scientific community and pedestrian population.

Every new object, clearly seen, opens up a new organ of perception in us.
— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I find it peculiar to ponder that TSE’s aren’t exactly a cosmopolitan subject of conversation in today’s world population. For being such a profound phenomenon, it seems odd to me. However, its absence does make some sense, if one teases out some reasonable theories. To touch upon some peripheral concepts: there’s not common discussions among average people, because people typically don’t go to see TSE’s. They generally don’t go because they’re ignorant of the facts, lazy, make excuses, and afraid of the unknown. A TSE is powerful and deep, and many people fear deeply powerful experiences. (These thought provoking conclusions might sound harsh, but they are compassionately honest, and may not apply to you anyway.)

We don’t know, because we don’t want to know.
— Aldous Huxley

Moreover, there is the historic problem of political propaganda, and the institutionalized “war on drugs”, which is actually the systematic oppression over our ability to perceive the full spectrum of universal realities.

The fears projected from authoritarians of the established order of society may be justified, especially when considering the last great uprising of the Sioux, which led to the tragic massacre at Wounded Knee. The cause of aggression from Americans was from the “Ghost Dance” of the First Nations People. The one who initiated and taught this dance was a Paiute prophet named, Wovoka. He experienced revelations which invoked strength and faith in the tribes to rise up against the tyrannical oppression of the Whites.

Wovoka’s most important vision - one of remembrance, resurrection and sovereignty - came from witnessing the TSE of January 1st 1889. On this transcendent occasion, he felt himself to be taken up into the Spirit World, where he met the Supernatural and was given an important message to convey to his people. And he did, for which they payed a bloody price. It’s a poignant reminder that to be wild and free - in body, mind, and spirit - from the domesticated bonds of the ongoing civilized conquest, is to put ones life at risk.

With each recent TSE, governmental dictators have been more and more successful in persuading the pedestrian populace to share their fears and abide with their irrational umbra-phobia. They make absurd claims such as, “The only safe method of viewing a TSE is to watch it on television. Put a cardboard box over your head. Stay indoors and cover the windows. Keep children away.” Many of the sheep/zombies who join in this collective madness applaud themselves on being informed, scientific, and civilized. Of course, the free thinkers and doers who simply look up at the sky during a TSE are transfigured.

Andrew Weil speaks to this with a courageous statement, “I think that TSE’s are a dangerous threat in some way to the established order of society. One might almost think that our government - jealous of powerful events beyond its ‘solar dominion’ - also hopes to appropriate TSE’s. When events have the potential to get us high by interrupting the ordinary, orderly flow of everyday reality, they are especially threatening to those in power, who want us to feel threatened along with them. I would guess that it really reflects fear of the darker side of the human mind, that it originates in the solar sphere, and that it is a manifestation of the same uneasiness that expresses itself as fear and ambivalence about drugs (such as psychoactive mushrooms, which embodies the essence of lunar energies) and other external objects and events that bring about changes in consciousness by establishing new relationships between the two compartments of the mind.”

… and he continues, “Recurrent in the philosophies and myths of peoples around the world are the themes of the union of the sun and moon, symbolic of the union of conscious and unconscious forces within the human psyche that must take place if one is to become whole. The light of the corona - peaceful, cool, silver white, normally invisible in the glare of the day - is a perfect representation of the intuitive consciousness that is normally hidden in the glare of ordinary mental activity. It is that hidden consciousness we try to contact by means of meditation, drugs, hypnosis and other techniques that focus attention or shake us out of ordinary perceptions. Whenever we make that contact - whenever the is an interchange of masculine and feminine energies within our minds - we get high. A TSE is one great natural high.”

"First and foremost: PLEASE WATCH THIS IN 4K WITH A GOOD SOUND SYSTEM THAT HAS A GOOD LOW END BASS UNIT OR WITH A GOOD SET OF HEADPHONES. The 2017 total solar eclipse was one of the coolest natural phenomenons I've ever witnessed. The visuals of totality are of course impressive and awe inspiring but what I found the most interesting was absorbing the atmosphere around me when it happened."


To experience the mystical union of a TSE is to be deeply enchanted and to have ones state of consciousness altered in that time and place. Feelings of enchantment in otherwise ordinary moments of waking reality - mundus magicus - are also totally possible to access. If every subtle nuance can by careful handling, through association, vision, sound, feeling, guide us in; then we live in a sacred universe. When we follow the golden threads of pure imagination, we will eventually find the metaphysical background of the universe. To me, a TSE is a reminder that the world is a place both wonderful and strange, and to play sincerely.

Ones identity, where they came from, what their mission might be; these are things that are taken for granted by many people and are being strictly regulated and monitored through fear and violence by those in positions of social and political authority and control. If we, as individuals, or a collective, wish to become wholly unified, it takes self-discipline to achieve that kind of freedom. The process of awakening and taking action is a labor of love, and it’s at play on multiple dimensions.

Of the spiritual plane, Andrew Weil proposes, “When people who have lived exclusively in ordinary consciousness begin to contact the mind that is below and within, whether by drugs or meditation or TSE's, they may tend to reject rational intellect and other functions of the solar mind (dominant society), in favor of the visions they discover (wild freedom). It is important to demonstrate that the goal is to open the channels between the two minds and encourage back-and-forth flow between the two without stifling either one. In this way we can become truly whole and healthy and begin to see that the distinctions we have made between mind and body, self and not self, human and nature, are merely external projections of an unnatural separation we have come to accept within ourselves."

This kind of work and play has its dualities and challenges, and it has been going on for a long time. Today, we are living in a worldly society where popular science is merging with ancient spirituality. We’re engaged (Or entangled, depending on your perspective.), in a situation both practical and sacred.

To illustrate this concept, Andrew Weil illuminates the connection between the Sun and Moon through the practices and crafts of Alchemy, Yoga and Tarot. “In European alchemy, the marriage of the sun and moon is a symbolic description of the work to be accomplished. The compounding of gold and silver stand for the same principles as the two heavenly bodies. Esoteric alchemy was most importantly a set of coded instructions for self development that could lead to enlightenment.

Yogic literature talks about electric (solar) and magnetic (lunar) nerve currents in the human body and the need for harmonizing the two. These conceptualizations point to the existence of two distinct aspects of mind that stand in relation to each other as the Sun and Moon. The suggestion is clear that the psychological basis of high states is an interchange of energies between the solar and lunar compartments of the mind.

In the symbolism of the Tarot cards, day consciousness is represented by the Magician, a male figure standing in a gesture of active concentration and is associated with the color yellow. His compliment, who represents night consciousness, is the High Priestess, a blue robed virgin, seated in a receptive pose. These symbols are good depictions of the nature of the two phases of the mind. I propose then, to use the terms solar and lunar, instead of conscious and unconscious, to more accurately denote the two compartments of human mental activity.”




There is an esoteric, eccentric and provocative theory about the Sun that I feel compelled to include because it resonates with me, and I think you might find some fascination in it. The information comes from a visionary man named Viktor Schauberger (Austrian, 1885-1958). He was a genius and generalist; inventor, philosopher, author, who pointed to nature as his teacher. The following paragraphs are excepts I culled from a tome called Living Energies that was written by Callum Coats about the life and work of Viktor Schauberger. I encourage you to read this proposition with an open perspective and allow yourself to entertain this idea, if only for a moment…

The source of energy that supports all life on this Earth, our Sun, needs to be examined. In a sense, it is also the spiritual center of our planetary system. Johannes Kepler, the great astronomer famous for his three laws of planetary motion, considered it to be a magnet which has connotations with the attributes of “centripetence” (moving toward a center, opposite of centrifugal), cold and levitation.

One aspect concerning the Sun and our conception of it needs to be examined: the question of temperature. In our understanding of temperature, we generally consider it to be a measure of heat. For most of our customary purposes this is indeed the case. However, when speaking of the temperature of the Sun, for instance, which is supposed to be about 6,000°C at the surface and 20,000,000°C at the center, we may no longer be concerned with thermal temperature, but rather with energetic activity, for according to Isaac Asimov: “Temperature here has to be distinguished from heat. The temperature is a measure of the kinetic energy of the atoms or particles in the gas, but since the particles are few, the actual heat content per unit of volume is low.”

In the light of the contrasting characteristics of axial-> radial (inside-outward) and radial->axial (outside-inward) motion, it is therefore not kinetic activity per se that generates heat, but it is the type of motion that produces either heat or cold. In the context of the Sun, therefore, temperature may be merely a measure of kinetic energy and may have little or no thermal content at all.

Indeed viewed thermally, the conditions applying to such activity may actually be icily cold. This proposal would represent a gigantic paradigm shift. It would be against all reason and apparent logic, just as was Copernicus' assertion in 1543 that the Earth actually orbited the Sun at a time when the opposite was held to be the case.

Viktor considered the Sun to be a cold, dark body, expressing this view in the introductory remarks to "Questions for Science" in his book Our Senseless Toil published in 1934, in which he states:

“Since the very beginning of time the Sun has stood above everything, staring down in icy silence at the frenzied activities of humankind, who regard it as a fiery orb. How could it be otherwise, such is their direct mental approach towards life. The closer we approach this source of light and heat, the colder and darker its face will become. The nearer we are to it, the brighter the stars will be and as its light diminishes, heat, atmosphere, water and life will also disappear.” Astonishing as this may be, let us not reject the proposal out of hand, for Viktor made many of his discoveries by dispatching his "free consciousness into those places the eyes cannot see".

In this statement the keyword is 'nearer', which does not define how much nearer we have to be, whether half way towards the Sun or merely at very high altitudes above Earth's surface. According to available information, once free of the denser atmosphere and the lack of clarity caused by the presence of atmospheric dust, water vapor, etc., the stars do increase in brightness and more of them are visible than from the surface of the Earth.

Relative to space, the Earth's atmosphere is extremely dense and would most certainly have a braking effect, causing the very high frequency of the incoming radiation to be reduced to the frequency levels of visible light. Light is a function of the atmosphere, without which, no stars can actually be seen. By extension, this invisibility could obviously also apply to the Sun, its actual degree of visibility as a much larger, far closer and more powerfully radiant object being dependent on the ultimate extent and attenuation of the Earth's atmosphere. In this sense, therefore, the face of the Sun could indeed be dark.

Let us turn now to the question of cold, for as we approach the Sun, as we climb higher, it certainly does get colder. In actual fact the temperature varies with height, although in connection with Isaac Asimov's definition of temperature above, it is a matter of conjecture whether the values indicated in the upper regions of the atmosphere are to be interpreted as thermal or kinetic. If there is an outpouring of heat from the Sun, as is presently believed, then why do these various regions of extreme cold exist within the atmospheric envelope?

Moreover, if interstellar space is a near absolute vacuum with a thermal temperature of -270.15°C (3° Kelvin), then how does the Sun's supposed heat ever reach us, since, being unable to pass through an extreme vacuum, a denser medium is therefore necessary for the propagation of heat-rays or infra-red rays?

Thermally speaking, the Sun is at least a relatively cold body, despite a high kinetic temperature. In terms of its radiant qualities it is known that the super-conduction of electricity, that is, the resistance-less transport or propagation of energy, takes place at extremely low thermal temperatures. In view of the fact that the Sun has been radiating vast amounts of energy over billions of years, that it is able to do so may well be due to an effect similar to super-conduction (Implosion, as opposed to explosion.).

Should Viktor's hypothesis that the Sun is both dark and cold prove to be correct, it would without doubt have far-reaching implications for all human intellectual endeavors, science, religion, etc., and the resultant upheaval would be gargantuan in its ramifications. As in the earlier case of Copernicus, suddenly all accepted doctrine, all that had previously been held to be true, would be overturned.

As the island of our knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance.
— John Archibald Wheeler
2015 Solar Eclipse: Svalbard, Norway. PHOTOGRAPH BY STAN HONDA

2015 Solar Eclipse: Svalbard, Norway. PHOTOGRAPH BY STAN HONDA


My worldview, one that is informed by intuition, and the philosophies of other brilliant visionaries, is radically musical. Life appears to be a sacred geometrical fusion of polyphonic chords that is orchestrated through a seamless blending of composition and improvisation. I believe a musical relation to the Sun will provide a deeper context to the rich tapestry of this subject.

Music was the first teacher to make a major impact in my life. During my studies, I came across a theory called “Musica Universalis” (Music Of The Spheres) by the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras. He initially identified that a musical note is in proportional division to the length of the string producing it and that the harmonious intervals formed numerical ratios. Subsequently, he described astronomy and music as twin studies of the senses that both draw upon mathematics; astronomy for the eyes, music for the ears. His basic proposition was that the Sun, Earth, Moon, and planets, all emanate a unique vibration frequency based on their orbital revolutions, but are imperceptible to our ears.

Around the same time, I came across another similar theory called “Harmonices Mundi” (Harmonies Of The World) by astronomer, Johannes Kepler. This work was a continuation of the Pythagorean theory and elaborated of the relationships between harmonic congruences, geometrical forms, physical phenomena, and planetary motions. One of the fundamental differences in Kepler’s findings was that of the elliptical path that planets orbited on, as opposed to a purely circular one that was presumed in earlier times. He had a broader definition of harmony which extended from music to also encompass the congruencies between nature and celestial and terrestrial bodies. According to Kepler, these harmonies interact with our souls, and that an astrological harmony also imbues the Earth with a soul.

Those two philosophical crafts tie in nicely with the proportional perfection in the alignment of a TSE. There are flowing qualities of tension and resolution in the dancing dynamics of eclipses that resemble certain elements in the realm of music. The harmonious features of a TSE can invoke pleasurable feelings in a person, such as calming sense of peace. This was the effect upon myself, causing me to relax in a state of contemplation for hours after the experience. I’ve heard of similar post-TSE sensations from other people and a reason - one that resonates with me, and would correspond with both “Music Of The Spheres”, and “Harmonies Of The World” - could be from the exposure of “theta waves” being emitted from the mystical union of the heavenly bodies.

Brainwaves are neural oscillatory patterns in electroencephalography (EEG) signals that are measurements of the frequencies when neurons are firing in our brains. There are five main brain wave frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. Theta waves are very slow (4-7Hz) and are associated with meditation, rejuvenation, alleviation from stress, and can trigger the parasympathetic (recovery) response from our bodies.

There is an innate tendency in Universe, within Gaia, for self-organized systems to vibrate in harmony, to share rhythms. It’s a universal phenomenon, as foundational as chemistry, or self-organization. As Joachim-Ernst Berendt notes, “Two oscillators pulsating in the same field in almost identical rhythm will tend to ‘lock in’, with the result that eventually their vibrations will become precisely synchronous. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘mutual phase-locking’ or entrainment. Entrainment is universal in nature.
— Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm by Stephen Harrod Buhner

There is a musical technology called "binaural beats” that is an auditory bio-hack designed to facilitate brainwave entrainment, or synchronization, in order to induce desired states ranging from Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, to Gamma. I have been listening to binaural beats since 2015 and have found them to be beneficial. They are most effective when listening through headphones, preferably high quality over-the-ear varieties, and I have a great pair of LSTN headphones that I highly recommend.

“How Binaural Beats Work: Just as neurons firing are measured with frequency, so too is sound. The technique to create binaural beats is to put one sound in stereo left at one frequency, and then the same sound at stereo right at another frequency. This means that there is an almost imperceptible difference in sound coming into your left and right ear. Hence the term bi (meaning two) and aural (of the ear). This technique creates an auditory phenomenon called beating. The size of the gap in frequency between the left and right ear will be the frequency of the beating. This is the target frequency for your brainwave entrainment. Often times white noise - such as rain - is used in conjunction with these tones to help relax the mind and put it in a more malleable state. The result is that you can target a variety of different brainwave states that can yield varied benefits.” Aubrey Marcus

I appreciate a the striking synchronisity between binaural beats and TSE’s. They share the fascinating ability to attract one into an altered state of consciousness through what is known as “mutual phase-locking” (entrainment). Entrainment is a word that distinguishes the way two independent oscillators with varying rhythms or frequencies, when situated in a context and at a proximity where they can interact for long enough, influence each other to oscillate with the same frequency. The TSE very well could have generated a theta brainwave in me which led to the state of serenity. For me, life is music. I can recognize it everywhere. As above, so below.

That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing.
— Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus


The TSE was a wildly transcendental moment for me. It was not only positively constructive for the actual experience alone, but because of what I was imbued with; I perceive it as a gift, so that I have the opportunity to integrate it, live in abidance with it, and offer it as nourishment to those who would receive it.

The job of the writer is to travel into wilderness and bring back meaning in buckets made of words, to give it as drink to the thirsty, to slake the thirst of those who have lived isolated for too long inside their own houses, to give them the living experience of wild water.
— Ensouling Language by Stephen Harrod Buhner

Masters in meditation suggest that the true measure of the real benefits of meditating is not exactly in the content of the actual sitting experience, but in how it makes a meaningful impact in the overall context of the mundane aspects of daily interactions with others over the long term. Also, consider the catalyzing effects of “neuro-gnostics” and other psychedelic sacrements; their transformative power is mostly only potential in the actual experience, while an opportunity is provided for the missionary to make it their guiding manifesto, to carry the lessons with them through the procession of their days, so that they might model excellence, and live as an ennobled example for others to learn from.

These analogies are synonymous with a TSE. The informative lessons will continue to be cultivated through my consciousness by amazing grace and broadcasted to others in the life community.

The ultimate descriptive task, for both artists and scientists, is to ‘ensoul’ what one sees, to attribute to it the life one shares with it; one learns by identification.
— Evelyn Fox Keller

Describing the experience of a TSE is a difficult task, especially with the intention to convey it to one who hasn’t witnessed such a mystical union. It’s like attempting to articulate the quality of a color to one who is color-blind, or the fragrance of a flower to one who has anosmia. It’s almost as though the full spectrum experience stimulates the extraordinary phenomenon of synesthesia. One must simply be present to the occasion in order to fully appreciate the mystery and majesty.

However, the act of writing about it, and connecting the contextual dots, does begin to weave a tapestry, paint a picture, and tell a story. For me, the TSE is a living muse. It is my desire that this serves to inspire you. Maybe I’ll see you at the next TSE, where we might dwell in the magnificence of the divine creators generosity.

That I might know the innermost weave of the world, witness its dynamics and creation and stop rummaging about in words.
— Goethe

"It was a ridiculous idea from the start. Travel to the edge of the earth to see one of the planet’s rarest events- a total solar eclipse in the Arctic. Faced with the likely reality of bad weather obscuring the sun and having to battle frigid, arctic temperatures and winds, the odds did not favour success. A team of skiers and filmmakers set out on an expedition to realize a grand vision to capture a skier during a solar eclipse. The team spent 2 weeks exploring the mountains in search of a location where the sun, moon, earth, skier and ultimately, a camera lens would align for a perfect moment."