These are some of my reflections inspired by the word, indignation. This is a personal perspective of how my life experience has been shaped in the context of dignity and the concept of self defense. 


We need a radical shift in this paradigm if we really want to thrive right now and provide a viable future for the whole life community. In order to do this effectively, a new direction must be decided upon by individuals and communities. We will have to make compromises and allow sacrifices. It's not always easy but it can be fun. What we lose on any given days, we exponentially gain in many other ways. 


Can you imagine what it would feel like to lose all external sensory stimulation and be left alone with nothing else except for the invisible void of consciousness? The topic I'm talking about is commonly referred to as the "Float Tank" but also goes by other names, such as "Isolation Tank" and "Sensory Deprivation Tank". The knowledge of this practice is spreading rapidly and more people are becoming interested in trying it for themselves


This is a feature video where I demonstrate the climbing of a tree. It's a fun and natural way to move our bodies. This type of exercise is excellent in myriad ways.


Have you ever driven on a road trip across a whole country? This blog post is a continuation of my last one, where I followed a work opportunity up to Philadelphia and spent eight long months. In this installment, I illustrate what happened next, my current conditions and a few sketches of peripheral insights. What a ride!


This is a summarization of the 8 months I lived in Philadelphia. Upon being hired by the new owners of a health food store to help consult and create an upgraded addition to the café juice bar. My contributions were super-food and super-herbal tonic elixirs, as well as excellence in service to the community of guests.


The Bellicon rebounder is the best ever, by far. There's a lot of interesting research to support that rebounding offers a superior exercise. What I love most about it is that it's fun, easy, compact, lightweight, versatile, complementary, quiet, low-impact, full body aerobic and cardiovascular. I hope that you're inspired to try it for yourself after reading this and watching the video.


My intention with writing this article is to empower more people through raising awareness of subtle language techniques and become more effective wordsmiths. With the simple substitutions of just a couple of words, we can effectively transmute misunderstandings into more constructive communication.


Have you ever experienced those mysterious moments where time seems to melt and the present NOW becomes the most important thing? Where the sense of being in just the right place wraps a warm, soft cloth around your skin? Or perhaps a feeling of elation as your heart skips a beat and the breath escapes your mouth with strange rhythmic patterns? Some say its similar to déjà vu. I call it is synchronicity

A Mysterious Man & Intoxicating Cider

This article's aim is to share a general recipe for hardcore apple cider and a bit of backstory on the history of the main ingredient used. The apple is just about as iconic has anything we can imagine. It's culinary uses have been extravagantly flaunted by renowned chefs and picked fresh from the tree for many generations.


Fermented foods and drinks are a timeless technology that was tested, pioneered and perfected by our ancient ancestors and from countless cultures from all around the world. They're one of the greatest gifts they've passed on to us and have continued to benefit the health of their infinitely diverse descendants. The health of our populations of people and intestinal flora have answers to problems by learning the lessons of building quality relationships with magical microorganisms through dynamic interactions. It's a lifestyle. One that works rather well.


Earthing Sleep & Wellness Center

Here's a taste of what "Earthing" is all about. This is a two part interview and tour of the worlds first storefront for the revolutionary company. They're a happy, humble, small and genuine company that cares volumes for the health and well being of humanity and the environment. Perhaps you're familiar with them. If so, you'll learn even more about them here. If not, read my other blog post about the whole business.

Sedona News Feature Article

I was playing in a park with some friends, practicing what I refer to as "Jedi training on the Inspiration line", which is essentially walking on a slack-line, similar to a tight-rope. A young man approached us and asked if we were locals. It turns out that he was a reporter for the Sedona Red Rock Newspaper and he was fishing for stories for their weekly paper. He requested an interview with me about a day in the life of the local scene and what I do.

EARTH (Emanates A Resonance That Heals)

Since humans first set foot on this planet and for the majority of our existence walking upon it, we have lived in direct connection with the Earth. Our ancestors enjoyed healthy communication with the elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether, the spirit realm. Little did we domesticated humans know how far reaching the implications would prove to be detrimental to our health by excluding ourselves from the dynamic biological continuum of an electromagnetic ecosystem. 


Water is the life blood of the earth and the life of our blood is similarly bonded to water. When we drink water, a transmutation process begins immediately and becomes our blood within minutes. That occurrence directly influences the overall state of our being, takes place faster and is more profound than the food we eat becoming our bodies. The question is, what's the quality level of the water we drink


We all understand that sunlight enables plants to grow. However, the effect of the suns light changes after harvesting, accelerating the molecular decaying process. Miron glass is an antioxidant glass that works essentially like a natural filter. This is by far, the best glass in the world.

Mellifluous Bees

Bees offer us a brilliant example of what it's like to be a healthy community. We can learn a lot from observing them with compassionate perception, and if we apply those lessons, it will go a long way toward recreating paradise on earth through a mutually beneficial relationship.