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Podcast Mentor

Have you been thinking about starting your own show and feel ready to share your message with the world?

Are you already on the podcasting path and just need a little extra assistance with some of the technical or creative aspects?

I know where you’re coming from and where you’re at. There’s a lot that goes into this craft and sometimes it can seem or be overwhelming. I’ve been in your position from the beginning stage all the way through posting, promoting, and beyond.

I’m here to help you and I have the experience and expertise to get you to where you want to be. We can do this together in half the time.

Contact me directly with questions or to start now.


Do you have an idea or project that you’d like to compose, but can’t seem to write it with the right words? I would like to offer my creative service to you in order to effectively communicate what is speaking inside your heart and mind.

I can tune in to the sensitivity of your needs and craft something specifically suited to your particular request. Whether it’s a personal letter, educational essay, blog article, product review or a professional letter, scientific study, resume recommendation, organizational transcripts, news piece, or website design.

All good writers are in a sense hitch-hikers. While going along for the ride and enjoying the essence of some highly developed mind, they find themselves enthusiastic to study the technique by which some other writer develops their driving power and to make note of their strong words and best phrases for possible future use. I am a lyrical hitchhiker...

...I have the skills to effectively articulate your promotion or product with. If you’re ready to move forward and get things done now, then please connect with me directly here or through any one of the social media icons at the top and bottom of this page.

I eagerly anticipate working with you next...

 Addiction Counselor

Lifestyle Designer

Are you ready to transcend your current situation and live the life you know you’re capable of?

I know where you’re at and how you feel. I’ve lived under the influence of addictions my whole life. It hurt to hide for so many years. It was painful to tolerate the persistence of mediocrity. In my heart, I knew what to do. In my mind, I knew the right thing. But in reality, I was afraid.

Finally, I decided to deploy the discipline to stop drinking and smoking. Then I made the choice to stop eating so much sugar. One by one, the power of addiction began to wane, and I found freedom in the form of clarity, and purpose.

You have a calling in your gut instinct. Your intuition is telling you something and you can’t ignore it anymore. Now is the time to take massive action. Life is precious and the time is ripe.

I am here to help you navigate through this rough transition. I am a master in this area because I have thousands of hours in it to account for. I want to assist you in overcoming your addictions, whatever they are. We can do this together in half the time.

Contact me directly with questions or to start now.


If you're looking to start your website or reignite your online presence, I can help you streamline the process. It's important to have a good look and feel to your website, and your visitors and customers will appreciate it too.

I manage web design and interface with Squarespace for multiple clients can assist you in mobile optimization, SEO, multi media organization, shopping carts, and overall functionality.

Contact me for a consultation and let's do this now!