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Making Meaning & Finding Fulfillment

Making Meaning & Finding Fulfillment

The Major keys

Communication & Relationships

Within the full spectrum of life experience, meaning and fulfillment are ultra important for health and function. And at the foundation of all this is communication and relationships. Everything from the macro to the micro. We are always communicating and relating with the whole world around us. On the inside and outside. Solar and lunar.

For communication, the foremost examples are language and physiology. Not only what we say and do. But how, and more importantly, why. Our body’s communicate messages, along with the melody of our voices. We’re also telegraphing our energetic vibes to the bacteria, plants, and other myriad organisms in the community matrix.

For relationships, the foremost examples are the relations we have with our families, friends, and loved ones, but even more so, with ourselves. The bonds we build (or break) with others around us carry consequences, beyond good or bad. What matters is the quality of our noticing, and paying attention to the reasons we choose to connect, or detach from those people close to us. Of course it’s important to remember we’re relating with all the other organisms and elements as well.

The more we develop deep intentions for the reverence of intelligent communication and high performance relationships, the more meaning and fulfillment we have in our lives. All of this is not easy, it’s challenging. But that’s life. Deal with it. Or don’t. Either way, consequences.

So my invitation to you is to give more care to your need for meaning and fulfillment. It’s your personal responsibility to make these things a viable thread in the fabric of your life. Without them, we undergo needless suffering and run the risk of projecting our unresolved pain onto others. We have all the tools and resources to recognize, realize, remember, and re create paradise for the whole life community.

So I encourage you to raise your own standards and lead by example. We need you to level up your game. I am committed to doing the things I know I need to do, and I believe we can do this together, and enjoy the process. Join me in the Virtue Squad.

What’s your perspective about this subject?

What approaches have helped you on this path in your life?

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