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I believe the subject of driving cars and how we engage in this activity is ultra important to have honest conversations about. My intention with this post is to communicate openly, promote peace and good vibes in the way we behave behind the wheel of an automobile.

This post is for everyone who puts their life on the line when they get into a car for transportation. It might provoke some. I think that if it does, it’s probably because they’re going to fit the character extreme that I’m going to outline in the rant that follows.

I’m not totally intending to insult or degrade these types. I’m really just trying to speak clearly, directly, and honestly, in order to effect positively constructive change that is mutually beneficial. If I come across as upset, that’s because maybe I am just a little mad. It’s a serious business we’re dealing with here.

Disclaimer: rant alert below.


Do you, or someone you know, drive like an idiot? 

Do you, or someone you know, deny that you or they might need to improve their ability to drive in a safe manner?

You know the type. That person who has subtle, or overt tendencies to be immature, reckless, erratic, ungrounded or volatile in any social situation - particularly when they assume the perceived power that accompanies them when driving a car. Sure these types can initially seem somewhat secure on the outside, but based on my experience around them, they usually have a lot of growing up to do.

By “growing up”, I mean integrating virtues and principles like, patience, self awareness, humility, gratitude, emotional intelligence, etcetera, and acting on these lessons.

The manner in which one drives can reveal so much about them. The various styles of dangerous driving we see are reflected in societal behavior at large. It’s similar to what’s going on in social media - when people engage with strangers through hostile tactics that betray a severe shortcoming of personal accountability and lack of authentic identity.


We see so many people struggle with patience, losing their tempers, forgetting to be grateful, disassociated from themselves, and lashing out in anger. We see these wounded childish behaviors displayed in personal relationships, professional partnerships, and in cars. It seems as though most people front their best behavior to the DMV instructor just to get their license, and then they immediately fuck off and drive however they want.

I think it is an extremely selfish act to drive with only one’s own needs in mind in each moment. These drivers want the whole road to themselves. Everyone else is just in their way. They get consumed with rage, drive way over the speed limits, tailgate, and text on their phones.

All these jackass behaviors are appalling to me. Take tailgating for example. How retarded is that? What happened to the safe driving rule of 4 car lengths? What happens if the car in front stops abruptly for any reason? Do you really want to risk getting into a wreck? Do you realize what a poor move that is and what a waste it would be?

Can you actually just calm down? Can you actually just be grateful to have a working car to drive? Would you rather get out and walk 10x slower? Would you rather ride on a horse and drag a cart on a bumpy dirt path? What would happen if your attitude was adjusted to be more generous to other humans on the highway?

What if you lost concentration for a split second, in the wrong time, at the wrong place, and killed another person? Do you know that happens every day? Are you comfortable with the potential consequences of murdering someone? How would you feel if someone you loved was murdered by another halfwit behind the wheel?

Do you love anyone? Do you even love yourself?

Often times, I really don’t think a lot of people love themselves, and they project their hate, and indifference onto others. In life, and on the road. On social media too.


I think it’s a huge display of disrespect to others to drive like a selfish moron. This ridiculous behavior risks death to the helpless passengers in the mobile death trap, and others on road. It takes up more space than needed and forces other drivers to retreat for safety. It is a violation of safety in every sense. This sort of disrespect should not be tolerated.

Driving like this is passive aggressive, cowardly, immature, hostile, and is how bullies behave. Run of the mill middle school bullies. Oh, you think you’re tough? Imagine if you behaved like that in person to me in line at a store, or on the sidewalk of a street. Gettin all up in my grill and pushing me off to the side with a toxic glare. I would not hesitate to bitch slap you in the fucking face.

Same situation with cowardly comments on social media. If these wimps had half the guts to say the knucklehead things they do in person - in real time, like they do behind their wheels and behind their computers - there would be fights breaking out all over all the time. But that’s just it, most people are just too weak in the loins to talk like a jerk-off in front of other humans.

I say, grow up and get your shit together.


To talk about tailgating and texting again. People who do this apparently assume that nothing bad is going to happen. That ignorant assumption is a misguided delusion. Remember that bad things happen everyday because of these bad behaviors. People die. It could happen to you. You could ruin the lives of others in a second.

Is it going to take the death of another human to wake you up from your delusion of superiority complex?

I know I probably sound extreme and angry to some of you. Maybe I am. I feel passionate about cultivating gratitude and empathy. I’m enthusiastic about creating safe environments that foster good feelings in others.

It does not feel good to be in the passenger seat of a car where the driver is acting like a virtual maniac. It feels very unsafe and sickening. It is a vulgar display of callous disregard for the life and well being of other people. If one can’t resonate with this notion compassionately, then I really think one needs to have their ability to operate a motor vehicle reevaluated.

If we actually would like to implement compassionate interactions into the structure of our relationships, we really ought to begin by setting positively constructive boundaries, and holding others accountable for their behaviors. Especially when they refuse to do so on their own.

Please watch this important short documentary against texting while driving. Acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog wants to bring an end to the scourge of texting while driving once and for all.

That’s my point in this post. My boundary is: don’t drive like a dick around me, or if I’m in your car. Chill the fuck out and drive like a nincompoop in your own backyard. I’m holding all the douche bag drivers accountable for their idiotic behaviors.

I know that most of them deny any personal responsibility. I’ve had the unbelievable displeasure of bearing witness to their delusional projections. They see everyone else as bad drivers, except for themselves. They actually believe it’s unsafe for people to drive at a sane speed limit, or god forbid, a little bit less. It’s somehow a crime to chill out and enjoy the drive.

Think about it. Enjoy the drive. Look at the beautiful scenery, listen to a podcast, have a deep conversation. Don’t even think about stopping to take a break and stretch the body during a long drive. And don’t you dare take a few deep breaths to steady your stressed out nerves.

No. Push on. Degrade your body and mind. Give in to the dark side. Pull into a fast food drive through while you’re at it. Waste your money on supporting a toxic corporation and punishing the temple of your own body. Keep hating yourself for wasting your miserable life. Project that pain onto others. Beat your wife. Emasculate your husband. Pound that angry whopper. Throw your trash out the window and litter the highway. It’s all fucked anyway. Who gives a fuck. Fuck it.


So to wrap this rant up finally. These are just a few of my sincere meditations on this subject. They are incomplete. But I believe that they paint an effective enough image of what’s important: Life.

I know not everyone drives or behaves like this. But unfortunately, a lot of people do. If you’re not one of them, then you know someone who is - and you probably don’t like it very much.

If you are one of these dangerous drivers, you probably wouldn’t read this, or agree with me anyway. You’d probably hate me, but I don’t care. We have different opinions. I’m gonna keep driving on the defense and enjoying the process.

My intention is to influence at least a few more people to recognize these things and integrate the lessons into their lives. Cultivate the courage to stand up to bullies on the road and in life. You are worthy of being treated with kindness and respect. Life is such a mysterious and valuable phenomenon. I wish more people would appreciate this and cultivate more gratitude, patience, self awareness, humility, and emotional intelligence.

I like driving. I make it fun. I take it easy and aim for safety first. Please remember to take a moment and be generous with your time and space. Respect other people on the road, and in life. It’s not hard to do. So do it. Start today.



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Just Say NO