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Water plays a vital part in this world, and I believe it's a sacred place for us to focus our attention. I encourage you to contemplate what your own relationship to water is, and how to structure a lifestyle that creates more space for it to flow in. 

Thunder Mountain | Sedona Arizona

Thunder Mountain in the heart of Sedona Arizona is a singularly magnificent piece of Earth. The views near the top are breathtaking. It’s a refreshing reminder to appreciate the world around us, and interact with the wilderness with presence, and respect. I wish to share this with you, so that it may infuse you with inspiration, and encourage you to get outside and play.


Now is the time to fully embrace our authentic selves with sincere integrity, and boldly step into our highest calling. This path to self mastery takes hard work - but it can also be playful - and it requires a deep level of inner game. Can you dig it?