I bow with reverence to the people and places of the past. Thank you Sedona and everyone for teaching me lessons. I’m moving into the present future with intentional clarity. It’s a creative evolution that brings me to dwell in the magnificence of Telluride Colorado. This will be my home to work and play in for the next chapter. I’m gratefully looking forward with eager anticipation of pure excellence in all things.

It was a spontaneous intuition that magnetized me to this gorgeous place. There was practically zero friction in finding living quarters and a source of income. Always a good sign, and also a reflection on the outside of the good deeds I’ve been cultivating on the inside. It seems to be some of the rewards of dedicated sobriety.

Tracy and I found a great rental on the 3rd day. We both found good sources of income on the 4th day. Then I met Christopher Ryan, (Popular podcaster & author of Sex At Dawn & Civilized To Death) who was visiting town and staying right outside our condo. I was leaving a note on his van when he caught me in the act. So he invited us to join him and his wife Cacilda for a hike and dinner.

Here you see us posing for the picture by their van/home/studio. He affectionately refers to her as “Scarlet JoVansson”. They’re exploring the United States countrysides and traveling in semi-nomadic style.

Then Chris generously offered to record a conversation for my podcast. (In exchange for a hot shower😏🚿). What?! Him and Cacilda are really the genuine articles though.

After Chris and I finished recording our conversation, I then had the great pleasure of getting in a bonus conversation with Cacilda. She doesn’t do interviews, so this was a rare treat. She is shy, yet jubilant. She is joyful, yet in touch with the dark void. Her life experience is full spectrum.

I believe that when these kinds of occurrences happen, they’re like synchronisities that affirm the fact that I’m in where I need to be, and doing what I need to be doing. The chances/odds are phenomenal!

For me, I need to remain sober and clear. It’s all about being focused and productive. This sort of self discipline is the strategy that leads to freedom of body, mind, and soul. I know why I’m producing my podcast and doing all of this. To fulfill my life mission and contribute meaningful value to your life that serves you as effective inspiration. This is what I do. This is what I’m bringing to Telluride.

Who want’s some? Where’s my High Performers at? What’s your deepest desire? When will you take the most important step? Are you already aligning your actions with your ambitions and living in abidance with your highest destiny? Let’s share, connect, and engage!