My name is David. I’m an essentialist, film maker, and freelance creative who wants to serve you with excellence. Welcome to my website, and enjoy your stay!




How do you approach work and the accomplishment of tasks? What’s your mental state like when you labor on projects? Do you love what you do, and strive to do all things with excellence?

The personal experiences I’ve had in life have helped me to reframe the way I interface with professional situations. Harmonizing the mental and physical in a way that brings more alignment to my work. It becomes play. But it wasn’t always this way.

I liberated myself from institutionalized mis-education earlier than normal, and when I wasn't learning at the public library, I was "employed" at one job or another, mainly within the food service hospitality industry. I spent years of time working for companies that didn't produce substantial value for anybody. It was an exhausting cycle that lasted through my 20’s.

It is a miracle that curiosity (sometimes) survives formal education
— Albert Einstein

The primary focus of my time and energy since then has been to do what fulfills me while effectively serving others. It's a challenging transition from old ways to new ones, and this kind of social/economic shift takes courage and patience. It’s important to me that all my professional and personal partnerships are mutually beneficial.

I'm invested in learning to work and play with more excellence, while contributing my skills, as well as adding value to the whole life community. As an artist of life, this affords me opportunities to engage with evolving creativity. This path has taken me around the world and tested my ability to thrive through difficult situations.

I was a personal chef for a billionaire. I've blended elite tonic elixirs for thousands of people. I've been called into action by eager individuals for personal consultations, and big businesses for streamlining their strategies. There’s freelance photography. Content writing. Bodywork clients. Handyman gigs. Tending farmlands. All these opportunities, the good and the bad, have giving me a great sense of gratitude.

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.
— Steve Jobs

In our lives, through our actions, we choose mediocrity, or magnificence, within the spectrum of possibilities. Do you know where your actions are leading you? How could your life be improved? What does it mean to move from low level living to raising the bar higher?

High Performance” can be defined as: excelling beyond standard norms, consistently, over the long term, while maintaining healthy relationships, and enjoying the process.

Meeting this definition requires habits that protect ones well being, maintain positive relationships, and ensure that we serve others as we evolve. High performers’ sustained success is due in large part to their healthy approach to living. It’s not just about achievement in a profession, or in just one area of interest. It’s about creating a high performance life, in which we experience a consistent feeling of engagement and confidence that comes from being our best selves.

It’s a supreme ambition to be highly distinguished from the average person. I miss the mark all the time, but I’ve come a long way on the path to excellence. It’s extremely challenging, but the rewards are worth the effort. Discipline equals freedom.

The consequences of settling for less than we know we’re worth are just too tragic. The problem with choosing comfort over courage, is that easy choices lead to a hard life, but hard choices lead to an “easier” life. With the right attitude in this way, work can become play. Aim high, and focus on today.

Would there be something miraculous that could happen in our lives if we just let all the drama go, and decide to ask how we can be the embodiment of a positively influential role model again?

I believe it to be true. We need more positively influential role models in our lives. At work. At home. Everywhere.

This is how I approach work and play. In relationships and life. Flawed, but alive. Hurt, but in the game.

If you’re in sync with me, and on a similar path; take a deep breath, and get after it. Do yourself, and everyone else a favor; dare to live greatly, and brave the wilderness of your chosen path.