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From Vices To Virtues is a podcast for people who are passionate about high performance and are ready to take their game to a whole new level. This variety show is a playground for the imagination and proving ground for excellence in action. Listen, learn, and love, on this journey of deep thinking and high achieving.

David Whipple is your host in humility. Join him on the quest for clarity, energy, purpose, productivity, influence, and courage. Let's align our actions with our ambitions, raise the bar for humanity, starting with ourselves. Scroll down for more information and resources. Feel free to connect with me about your questions and comments.

Season 2 is now playing until Summer Solctice and features 2 episodes every week on Monday and Friday.

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What is a podcast?

Basically a "podcast" is like radio. It could be called "digital audio on demand". That means you can stream and download any show and listen to it whenever you want and however you want. It's pretty much the coolest thing since, radio.

The meaning of Vices & Virtues

Vice: weakness of character or behavior; a bad habit.

• The modern English term that best captures its original meaning is the word “vicious”, which means "full of vice". In this sense, the word vice comes from the Latin word “vitium”, meaning "failing or defect"

• Vice is a practice, behaviour, or habit generally considered immoral, sinful, criminal, rude, taboo, depraved, or degrading in the associated society. In more minor usage, vice can refer to a fault, a negative character trait, a defect, an infirmity, or a bad or unhealthy habit (such as an addiction to smoking). Vices are usually associated with a transgression in a person's character or temperament rather than their morality.

Virtue: Origin: Middle English: from Old French vertu, from Latin virtus ‘valor, merit, moral perfection’, from vir ‘man’. (Analogical association: Virility)

• Behavior showing high moral standards: paragons of virtue.

• A quality considered morally good or desirable in a person: patience is a virtue.

• A good or useful quality of a thing. Virtue (Latin: virtus, Ancient Greek: ἀρετή "arete") is moral excellence. A virtue is a trait or quality that is deemed to be morally good and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being. Personal virtues are characteristics valued as promoting collective and individual greatness. The opposite of virtue is vice.