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54 - 2018 Reflections 2019 Projections

54 - 2018 Reflections 2019 Projections


Self Authoring | Excellence In Service | Major Virtues

year in review

Tune in to episode 54 of season 2 to hear some of my top highlights from 2018, some positive projections for 2019, and some of the major virtues that I believe are important for us to mediate upon and integrate into our lifestyle actions.

Here’s what’s up in the first section: I talk about the albatross of my addictions and how I transcended them. High performance as a way of life. Becoming a practitioner of our passions and crafts. My experience with podcasting. Vans and balloons in the desert of Sedona Arizona. Moving to Telluride Colorado and Austin Texas. Working and playing with my partner in shine.

Here’s a bit about the second section: the continuation of my transcendence through addictions. More about high performance living. The podcast acting as a passion project. Leveling up from slave wage jobs that suck. Figuring out how to become a freelance creative and make a living in a better way. The continuation of my relationship with my partner in shine. My upcoming trip to South America to see the Total Solar Eclipse this Summer.

The third section covers some of the major virtues, as far as I can gather them in this moment: Remember to breathe. Practice proper perspective. Fault finding/fear setting. Find your WHY and start with that. Cultivate courageous character. Practice patience. Have more humility. Have more humor. Keep curiosity alive. Cultivate more clarity. Deploy deeper discipline. Keep up with consistency. Grace under pressure. Elder in training. A plea to proceed HOPE FREE!

I HOPE you enjoy these reflections and projections. May they serve you as elevating entertainment and education.

You’re going to love this high quality production. Stay tuned and subscribe for updates. Join me for an amazing journey. It’s a creative adventure that matters for people who care. You are worthy and I am here to serve you with excellence.

Episode Timeline


2018 Reflections

2:27 Transcending addictions

4:40 High Performance Academy

6:52 Evolution from student to practitioner

8:00 Podcast as a passion project

10:40 Van life desert living

11:47 Sedona balloon adventure

13:48 Moving to Telluride Colorado

18:30 Moving to Austin Texas

21:14 Partner in shine

2019 Projections

23:05 Transcending addictions

25:10 Full spectrum health

26:00 Podcast 2.0

28:05 Transcend wage slave jobs

30:20 Break the time barrier

31:30 Activate freelance opportunities

32:45 From student to practitioner 2.0

33:45 Partner in shine 2.0

40:44 Total Solar Eclipse

Intentional Virtues

44:25 Remember to breathe

48:15 Practice proper perspective

50:22 Fault finding/fear setting

51:45 Find your WHY and start with that 

53:11 Cultivate courageous character

54:40 Practice patience

55:25 Have more humility

55:40 Have more humor

56:00 Keep curiosity alive

57:00 Cultivate more clarity

57:47 Deploy deeper discipline

58:40 Keep up with consistency

59:55 Grace under pressure

1:01:00 Elder in training

1:02:25 A plea to proceed HOPE FREE




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Track: “Fusion”

Artist: Gas Lab

Courtesy of Village Live Records

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