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Birthday Reflections & Life Lessons

Birthday Reflections & Life Lessons

Essential Things I’ve Learned

& How My Perspectives Might Serve You

This episode is a birthday special where I share some of the most essential lessons I’ve learned in my 39 years of life. I explore my reason for being, vision of the future, important principles, and other reflections.

My intention is to give you the gift of transparency about what’s worked for me so far, the mistakes I’ve made, and to inspire you to deepen your awareness about your own personal journey. I hope this episode serves you in some way and that you enjoy it. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect about any of the subjects mentioned in here.

And here’s a fun fact for the day: Did you know that the odds of being born human are estimated to be 400 trillion to 1? This means that you and I, we’re blessed beyond belief. So the question is, why are we here, and what will we do? Let’s find out…!

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Episode Timeline

0:00 - Prelude

1:04 - My essential intent

3:37 - My vision for the future

7:07 - Motivated by mortality

12:30 - My main mission

14:29 - What I actually do

19:55 - The Way Of Whipple: my personal code of conduct

29:53 - Life lessons I’ve learned along the way

47:57 - Key takeaways for you to integrate

51:08 - Show your support and connect with me

58:08 - Epilogue



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