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Christopher Ryan, author of Sex At Dawn, and fellow podcaster of Tangentially Speaking, visits the mountain town of Telluride Colorado along with his partner in shine, Cacilda Jethá, and they catch me in the act of attaching a fan note to their van. Then Chris offers to record a conversation with me for my podcast.

After Chris and I finished recording our conversation, I then had the great pleasure of getting in a bonus conversation with Cacilda. She doesn’t do interviews, so this was a rare treat. She is shy, yet jubilant. She is joyful, yet in touch with the dark void. Her life experience is full spectrum.

Join us in this episode, where we explore the space between life and death. May it serve you as a seamless blending of entertainment and education.

Show Summary

“Dr. Cacilda Jethá is unlike anyone you've ever met. Guaranteed. She's been my wife, friend, co-author, and partner in crime for the past 15 years. She doesn't know many lives she's saved, how many people have died in front of her, or how many babies she's brought into the world. She's part Indian, part Persian, part African, part Portuguese, and speaks seven languages—sometimes all in one very confusing sentence. She's left-handed but learned to be ambidextrous. Like a lovely shaman, she dances between her worlds with incredible grace, generosity, and humor.”

~ Christopher Ryan

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Authors of "Sex At Dawn" Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha reject the standard narrative of human monogamy through history. Instead, they look to our prehistoric ancestors and close primate relatives to propose a different idea of sexual relationships.

The beautiful music in this episode is provided courteously by my good friend, Mr Parker Ainsworth. I’m really honored by him for being so generous to with his musical talent to grace my podcast. Check him out and show some of your love and support for his art. You can find him and listen to more of his outstanding compositions through these following links ...