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56 - Confessions Of A Madman

56 - Confessions Of A Madman


Challenging Changes

Tough Transitions

If a man comes to the door of poetry untouched by the madness of the Muses, believing that technique alone will make him a good poet, he and his sane compositions never reach perfection, but are utterly eclipsed by the performances of the inspired madman.
— Socrates

In this episode, I share some personal insights into my life. There’s been a couple of major things that happened with me. So for the sake of honesty, transparency, vulnerability, and courageous connection, I’m going to just come out with it all and tell you what’s up in a simple and direct way.

My intentional aim is for this to serve you as entertainment and enlightenment. I think you’ll enjoy the content in this episode and I invite you to reflect on the areas in your life that might need some attention, forgiveness, and love. May we have the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, cultivate the courage to change the things we can and develop the wisdom to know the difference.

We are not perfect. Everything is mysterious. The full spectrum majesty of life is happening in each moment. The musical nature of this phenomenon informs my days. This is my song. Hear my harmony. Let it play in the cathedral of your days.

There is a call to action. Join me on this adventure. Let’s build healthy relationships with ourselves and others that are mutually beneficial. Let’s learn to communicate more clearly with ourselves and others in a way that serves with excellence. I accept full responsibility for the things I fall short on and am committed to moving into each new moment with more amazing grace under such difficult pressures. I wish for you to live up to your own higher standards and live a fulfilling life of meaningful contribution.


You’re going to love this high quality production. Stay tuned and subscribe for updates. Join me for an amazing journey. It’s a creative adventure that matters for people who care. You are worthy and I am here to serve you with excellence.



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