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Fist Bumps

Fist Bumps


Social Dynamics

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How do you feel about hand shakes and hugs? Are you a fan of the fist bump? Join me in an exploration of these things and how they fit in to social strategies, our daily habits and a healthy lifestyle.

This episode is an elaboration on a blog I wrote about fist bumps. If you would like to read that, along with all the reference links, photos, videos, and more, then you can check that out here!


I’m calling into question the habit and sanity of the ubiquitous handshake. I promote fist bumps instead because they’re more sanitary, along with other strategic alternatives for more sensible social interactions.

The first unconscious impulse for most people upon introduction is to thrust their dominant hand in front of another person. This social expectation is an aggressive and invasive habit that’s a mediated reflex adopted from others. It’s curious to notice reactive awkwardness and anger in others when I refuse to return the gesture.

Although cosmopolitan in modern domesticated civilization, not all cultures around the world practice this custom. Many other countries and communities greet each other without touching and some even have various aversions to physical contact.

I hope you find this essay helpful or at least entertaining. Some of the concepts or practices might seem extreme or strange. My intention with this post is to playfully open minds, hearts and perspectives in order to explore new, healthy and empowered ways of thinking, feeling and acting.



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