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This is my humble tribute to John Coltrane. (September 23, 1926 – July 17, 1967) He was a man of magnificence. A mentor to me. A role model par excellence who led by example. His actions were in alignment with his ambitions. He fulfilled his life mission. May he rest in peace.

I know that there are bad forces, forces that bring suffering to others and misery to the world. I want to be the opposite force. I want to be the force which is truly for good.
— John Coltrane

Show Summary

  • Introduction

  • Summer monsoon season

  • Moving to Colorado

  • Tension and release

  • Why I’m covering Coltrane

  • Musical studies

  • Listening and learning

  • Practicing these principles

  • Coltrane’s childhood

  • Raised in a family of faith

  • Chasing Trane” documentary

  • Meeting Miles Davis

  • Albatross of addiction

  • Transcending addictions

  • A Love Supreme

  • Poem for Psalm

Coltrane achieved his goal as a hard-working jazz player coming out of a proud, rooted musical tradition, paying his dues as a sideman, learning the ropes as a leader, working with primarily wordless music to convey his message. He released twenty-five albums as a leader during his lifetime, some attaining five-star, classic status. One after another, from 1957 to ’67, his music defined a comet-like path of rapid growth and dizzying rate of change. That Coltrane accomplished all he did in a mere ten years accounts at least partly for the saint-like devotion he often receives.

Jazz journalist Nat Hentoff, who interviewed and championed Coltrane, praised him more soberly. “By the time A Love Supreme hit, Trane struck such a spiritual chord in so many listeners that people started to think of him as being beyond human. I think that’s unfair. He was just a human being like you and me -- but he was willing to practice more, to do all the things that somebody has to do to excel. The real value in what John Coltrane did was that what he accomplished, he did as a human.”

John Coltrane is an archangel, of the highest order, to bring healing on this planet. Period.
— Carlos Santana

Coltrane playing with Miles in Europe

John Coltrane gave a whole new dimension to american music in the 20th century. His music was deeply rooted in the african american experience, and the american experience. And with Coltrane, because of his studies, and his seriousness; his music was deeply rooted in the human experience.
— Wynton Marsalis
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