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This is this first edition of “Meditations On Integration”. These are short clips from previous episodes that showcase a particular aspect of a broader subject. I’m stoked to serve you up a simple does of creative inspiration that can add value to your life while saving you time.

Here’s what’s up inside this episode. It's an improvisation that was chopped up from episode 26. That was a part of my review of the book 12 Rules For Life. The chapter is Rule 3 called Make Friends With People Who Want The Best For You.

Remember your self worth. Believe in your abilities. Notice those around you and how you feel in their presence. Do you feel supported? Are you getting what you need? Cultivate the courage to say NO to those that aren’t in alignment with your mission. Empower yourself to say YES to that bold calling in your heart. Life is precious. Dare greatly.

I hope this resonates with you and that you’ll be motivated to share it with your personal community. It would mean the world to me if you could help show your support and spread the love. I invite you to join the Virtue Squad. Word is born.



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12 Rules book

Episode 26 - Rule 3


When you dare aspire upward, you reveal the inadequacy of the present, and the promise of the future. Then you disturb others, in the depths of their souls, where they understand that their cynicism and immobility are unjustifiable. You remind them that they ceased caring, not because of life’s horrors, which are undeniable, but because they do not want to lift the world up on to their shoulders, where it belongs.
— Jordan Peterson


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From Vices to Virtues: this is not a full spectrum audio experience. This is the first of what will become a series of what I call meditations on integration. These will be little interludes and intermissions in between normal episodes. I thought I’d try something a little different and creative, where I bring you a short piece that is cut out and chopped up from a previous episode. So these will be little medications that you’ll be able to integrate and hopefully share, as well.

If you find my show in general and these little episodes to be engaging, entertaining, educational, enlightening -- anything that I can do to add value to your life, it’d really be great if you could share this with your community. And some of the content that you’ll be getting from me will be long form, and some of it will be short form, and that’s exactly what this episode is.

I took this one from Episode #26, which was one of the editions in my suite of reflections upon the phenomenal book called 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. That episode was covering Rule #3 from that book, which is: make friends with people who want the best for you.

The content you’ll be hearing in this episode that I cut out was from a particular section where I broke off from the reading of my highlights from the book, and I was just riffing about the subject at hand. And it has to do with -- well, as the title of this implies, it’s leveling up our own game and our social game, as well, because we really don’t want to be hanging out with underperformers. We want to be hanging out with high performers. Another way of saying that would be, we don’t want to be hanging out with people who are dwelling in hell and wallowing in their own vices, bumbling about willy-nilly.

No, we’d rather be hanging out with people who are aiming upwards and embracing a life of virtues. So we want to level up our own game, and then level up our squad, and we want to be hanging out with the virtue squad, and that’s precisely what I’m aiming to build through this podcast. And so I invite you to join the virtue squad.

And so to that, I encourage you to cultivate the courage to transcend your own mediocrity and embrace the magnificence that is alive inside of your soul. You know, a little quote from that episode that this excerpt is from: in it, Jordan Peterson, the author -- this quote stood out to me, and I want to share it with you. He says,

When you dare to aspire upward, you reveal the inadequacy of the present and the promise of the future. Then, you disturb others in the depths of their souls where they understand that their cynicism and immobility are unjustifiable. You remind them that they ceased caring, not because of life’s horrors, which are undeniable, but because they do not want to lift the world up on their shoulders where it belongs.”

And so with that, we’ll go ahead and take you into the clip now. It’s a short one, and so it’s designed to be sharable. So if you like what you hear in this, I’d love it if you would share it with your community. You can find the link to this through the platform that you’re listening on, and go on to my website where you can see the show notes: davidwhipple.com.

I’ve made the set up on there really easy for you, so you can subscribe to the show, rate, review, share this, and connect with me on social media. I’m on all the platforms there; all the buttons are good to go for you. I want to thank you for tuning in, and so I hope you enjoy this short medication on integration called Level Up to the Virtue Squad.

And so let’s raise our bars in our own lives and therefore, in humanity. And by doing so, we can recreate paradise for the whole life community. And if you are struggling with people in your life, whether they’re friends or family or whatever, you know, I want to give you permission to change that up and make a shift. If anyone hasn’t told you in a while, you are worthy of it. And only you can do that for yourself. And I want to empower you and influence you to do that. If you need to say no to someone in your life so you can say yes to better things, go ahead and do it.

Life is precious, and time is short, from a perspective, you know, and so let’s not waste our lives. And our whole life is made up of time, essentially, and so let’s keep things simple and focus on quality, not quantity. Don’t worry about having a whole group of friends because more often than not, they’ll end up being distractions.

There’s all kinds of distractions in society today; in our minds, in our hearts, in our bodies, in the media, whatever. The weapons of mass distraction everywhere; everything to keep us from sitting with the silence in the hearts and minds and bodies and in the world around us. Because from a certain perspective, that’s where all life and creativity comes from: the silence, the metaphysical background of the universe, and life is music, and the notes are always resting on silence.

It’s that contrast, yin and yang, in life, and so if we have -- if we want to do something, if we have something to say, we must first find that stillness and silence within us, the calmitude and serenity of that inner lake. And it’s a wild element that we can use as Jedi fuel to propel us into a brave future.

And if we want a brave future of magnificence, it’s like we’ve got to look at the people we’re wasting our time with. More often than not, that’s what it is. It’s like, show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future because we are the sum total of the five people we spend the most time with.