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VAN LIFE | Semi Nomadic Hipster Barbarian

VAN LIFE | Semi Nomadic Hipster Barbarian


Semi Nomadic

Hipster Barbarian

This is my reflection on living the #VanLife. The subjects range from the predictable and practical, to the philosophical and socio-environmental. These are just some of my perspectives and contemplations from experiencing the van life as a "semi-nomadic hipster barbarian". May they serve you as entertainment, education, and inspiration.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a fascenating, if not obtuse reframe of the meaning behind the word "Barbarian".

Show Subject Summary

  • minimalist lifestyle

  • flexibility

  • adaptation

  • patience

  • situational awareness

  • weapons of mass distraction

  • simplicity

  • financial freedom

  • wilderness immersion

  • “rewilding”

  • feral mindset

  • fragility vs resilience

  • civilization-domestication

  • garbage dumping problem …

  • call to action: STOP LITTERING!

  • Interview with Tracy

  • Balloon Adventure



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Defining "Barbarian"

As written by Stephen Harrod Buhner

Barbarian comes from a Greek root that means “unintelligible speech.” In essence, it simply meant “them” rather than “us,” an outsider, somebody that doesn’t talk like us. By extension it came to mean somebody that doesn’t act like us.

The word “barb” also means beard, an unshaven state Thus, a barber deals with barb So, not only funny talking but hairy.

Barbarian in essence means someone not of the cities, someone with wildness inside them, someone unshaven, someone whose speech is unintelligible, someone who is a pagan, a heathen. Pagan, to take this all the way home, was a term that came into use once Christianity finally had control of the Roman cities. It literally means “villager, rustic.” In other words, the old Roman beliefs were still held in the villages outside the cities. Heathen is similar; it means a person of the heath. And heath means “uncultivated land, wilderness.” A heathen is someone of the wilderness, not of the cities, someone with wildness inside them. The Earth, by definition, is not of the cities . . .

Do you understand that?

Gaia is wilderness. Gaia is the Earth ecosystem functioning with its wildness intact. When this work is taken up, when you begin shifting your perception—as a way of life—when you begin a different kind of thinking, a Gaian way of thinking, by definition you begin to become “not of the cities.” A certain wildness begins to re-enter the self. Speech begins to change. A deep connection with the sacredness and intelligence of the Earth begins. Pagan sensibilities recur. You begin to become “of the heath,” wild, once more.

Do you understand what I mean here?

I believe in writing that burns the blood, in which you feel forest wolves tensing behind you, writing filled with wilderness, writing that forces the margins, writing that challenges, that insists, that bleeds when it’s cut, writing that uplifts the best in us and defies the worst, writing that’s not afraid to breathe the same air as evil, writing that unashamedly believes in the good, that is undefended, writing that has death in it, writing with the same power that fills ancient redwoods, writing filled with darkness, writing with untamed wildness flowing through it, writing carrying an eagle’s call, floating in the high cold winds of a mountain pass, writing that is not civilized, not contained, not channeled in irrigation ditches of tired grammatical form and civilized demeanor, writing that grabs readers by the neck and shakes them, writing that stirs the deepest parts of the soul, that allows the mythic to flow again into consciousness, writing that undoes, that unmakes, that touches on chaos, writing that touches on the deepest parts of the human and finds no definite line between us and other life forms on this planet, writing that surges, strains, demands, forces, rages, writing in language as liquid and mercurial as life itself, writing that is nonlinear, filled with luminosity, deep psyche, writing that DOES NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP.

And certainly writing that does not fail to use the word fuck when it is called for, and it will always be called for. Eventually.

Once you are touched by a living intelligence from out there, you are changed. It is nearly impossible not to be. The living reality of that experience works on the self, undermining the old paradigm, and you begin to, more and more frequently, step outside the normal habituated boundaries of the Western world. You begin to enter an older, wilder, less-domesticated world, the place barbarians inhabit, where the hair begins to grow long, where wild lights begin to gleam in the eye. You begin to enter the wilderness that still lies underneath the concrete of the civilized world.

This most assuredly extends awareness further than society wants it to go.

This is what becoming barbarian means.

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