From Vices To Virtues:

A Full Spectrum Audio Experience

This Is Where It Starts

This is a full spectrum fusion of personal development, education, and entertainment, that aims to effectively influence you to lead from your heart with purpose, and passion.

In this show, I share the experiences, perspectives, and integrations of myself and others, with the intention to contribute with excellence, and build mutually beneficial relationships.

This is for those who are ready to align their actions with their ambitions so that we can make radical transformations and live high performance lifestyles.

I’m learning that the real effective way to lead is to practice and model the behavior we want to see in others. This podcast is my platform to make these things happen.

I deliver a variety in the form of solos, book reviews, and conversations with guests. New episodes are released every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I invite you to join my on this journey.

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