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Know When To Persist And When To Start Over

Know When To Persist And When To Start Over

Why I Decided To End My Podcast

It’s important to know when to persist and when to start over. I’m bringing this season to a close and want to share why I decided to end my podcast. It’s time for me to start over with a fresh perspective on all aspects of this project. It’s the final broadcast of this show in its current form.

It’s been almost a year since I began this journey and have been hustling hard. I believe there’s vitality in the ability to persist through adversity on a passion project, and there’s also a vitality in the willingness to start over.

Do you ever feel like you’re falling behind and burned out by taking on too many things? Does the quality of your work decrease with the quantity of agendas that you’ve taken on? Are you able to prioritize and execute on the things that truly matter?

My podcast started off as an expression of my experience transcending addictions but seemed to shift into something else along the way. I’ve been feeling the need to rebrand the whole thing to better represent the realities of my recent enthusiasm for Essentialism.

So for the sake of becoming an Essentialist, I feel the need to refocus and get clear on the things that are truly vital. In order to produce the highest quality work in all the things I do, I must simplify the projects in my life. That means I’m going to press pause on this podcast to make space for sharpening my message and clarifying my vision.

I’ve gotten slightly off track with the various agendas I’ve been juggling and need to improve my time management skills. The quantity of these matters has led to the decrease in quality. By stopping this podcast now and streamlining my strategies, I can see how to massively improve everything when I start over.

As creatives, sometimes we really struggle with the efficient delivery of our content and can find it to be extremely difficult to build a compelling brand and connect with our community effectively. It’s important for me to focus on sobriety, health, financial freedom, writing my book, opening a restaurant, and traveling to South America for the Total Solar Eclipse in Chile.

Essentialism is all about the disciplined pursuit of less but better. So I’m going to do just that. In order to serve with excellence, I need to get my act together better than ever. So stay tuned for the next phase of my identity, products, services, and more.

I’m invested in anchoring in the next phase of human evolution. I invite you to join me on this high performance journey. So until next time, I wish for you to dwell in the magnificence of the divine creators generosity.


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