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Her Story

Join me in a casual conversation with my friend, Tracy. It's the first of more to come. She shares some of the highlights of her life story and insights that she's integrated so far. Listen in and learn from her challenges and successes. There's a little something for everyone in this episode.

Show Summary

  • Tracy's profile

  • Childhood

  • Sexual abuse

  • Eating disorder

  • Transcending pain

  • Physiological healing

  • Movement therapy

  • Yoga practice

  • Eliphante

  • Morning meditations

  • Total Solar Eclipse

  • Deep breathing for vibrant living

  • Cold water immersion

  • Wim Hof method

  • The path to a high performance lifestyle in action

  • Her future vision is to be an “empowering uplifter, high vibe nourishment provider, movement inspirer.”

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The beautiful music in this episode is provided courteously by my good friend, Mr Parker Ainsworth. I’m really honored by him for being so generous to with his musical talent to grace my podcast. Check him out and show some of your love and support for his art. You can find him and listen to more of his outstanding compositions through these following links ...