This 3rd episode of my show is intended to act as a continuation of the humble narrative of my personal life story. Specifically, focusing on my albatross of addiction, and my hunger for harmony.

The circumstances of life pose many challenges and tempt us into weakness. We all go through struggles and suffering. I honor that process and trust that we can transcend mediocrity, and manifest magnificence.

It’s our responsibility to take the initiative to hold ourselves personally accountable for our thoughts, words, and actions. I want to remind ourselves to role model the way to excellence through consistently being the embodiment of this message.

All these things are a primary part of my personal life path, and I'm learning how to integrate them as well. I think it helps to express and clarify these things, and remind each other of their importance. To refine "common sense" and again make it common practice.

The beautiful music in this episode is provided courteously by my good friend, Mr Parker Ainsworth. You can find him and listen to more of his outstanding compositions through these following links ...