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The Tao Of Driving: Be Safe And Have Fun

The Tao Of Driving: Be Safe And Have Fun


don’t drive like a douche

enjoy the ride

I believe the subject of driving cars and how we engage in this activity is ultra important to have honest conversations about. My intention with this post is to communicate openly, promote peace and good vibes in the way we behave behind the wheel of an automobile.

This post is for everyone who puts their life on the line when they get into a car for transportation. These are just a few of my sincere meditations on this subject. They are incomplete. But I believe that they paint an effective enough image of what’s important: Life.

Show Summary

  • Prologue

  • The Tao of driving

  • Read the blog

  • Safety first

  • Lies at the DMV

  • Tailgating

  • Road rage

  • Speeding

  • Abusive bullying

  • Face to face with fear

  • Set healthy boundaries on the road of life

  • Keep calm and enjoy the view

  • My style

  • Patience

  • Gratitude

  • More on the G spot: listen to the episode!

  • Epilogue


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Please watch this important short documentary against texting while driving. Acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog wants to bring an end to the scourge of texting while driving once and for all.

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