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Live Life On The Wild Side

Sedona Balloon Adventure

Recently I started living the van life and waking up before dawn. There are many benefits from this kind of lifestyle. One of them is that I started seeing hot air balloons flying during sunrise. This blog is about the beauty of ballooning and getting high on life.

With this story, I want to remind you of what’s possible when we wake up early and expand our awareness. If we allow ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones and normal routines, one never knows what opportunities will present themselves before us.

Try something new and open the doors of perception. There’s a whole spectrum of phenomena to experience in this world. We have to be willing to make changes in our lives in order to embrace more magnificence. The path is simple and playful. But it’s not always easy, and it does require discipline.

Whether it’s waking up earlier than normal to activate our abilities, making a move in life from one place to another, meeting new people and letting go of others, or just choosing to make a difference, create, and explore - the point is to listen to the heart and hear what it has to say.

Choose courage over comfort and dare to dream greatly. Be brave in the wilderness of the imagination and live fully. The balloon is a metaphor. Stoke the inner fire. Fill the head with uplifting information. Level up and set sights. Get high on life.

I’m stoked to share with you that the sound track in this episode is provided courteously by my main man in Germany, Flofilz. I’m deeply honored by him, in connection with Chillhop Records, for being so generous with his musical talent to add a bit of style my podcast. Check him out through the links below and show some of your love and support for his artistry.

Music by - Flofilz
Soundtrack - Blue Orchard
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