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Silence: Strategies For Optimizing A Peaceful Lifestyle

Silence: Strategies For Optimizing A Peaceful Lifestyle


How To Make Peace

& Practice The Skill

Of Listening To Others

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This episode is a reflection on silence. My intention is to offer you fresh perspectives through a seamless blending of entertainment and education that inspires you to grace the space in your schedule for the restorative power of silence to infuse your life with deeper satisfaction.

We know that some people seem to thrive on the stimulation of busy environments. But I believe that for many of us, we would benefit from allowing more space for a state of meditation on the essential things in life to enhance the magnificence of our experience.

There’s enough stress and suffering in the average day. I’m advocating for the alleviation of unnecessary stress and suffering. Silence can be a great source of assistance on our journey in life. I hope you enjoy this conversation and find it useful to integrate. Feel free to share your perspectives with me here and others through social media.

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0:00 - Prologue

1:02 - Important Support Info

6:20 - Silence is a self given luxury

8:13 - The blackened depth of silent mystery

11:46 - Energy vampires & thieves of time

22:36 - The skill of listening

24:47 - Life is music

31:03 - Positive & negative space in art

33:03 - Noise pollution in nature

43:03 - Personal reminders to practice virtues

49:02 - Epilogue




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