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Love Of Life, Beauty Of Dying, Function Of Elderhood.

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You are invited to join me in a conversation with Stephen Jenkinson. He is a man of magnificence. A true Elder and mentor to myself and many others. He is, among other things, an activist, teacher, author, farmer. In this Innerview, we talk about the love of life, beauty of dying, function of elderhood, and more.

Stephen came into my life a ew years ago after the release of his book Die Wise. It landed for me as being one of the most important books I’ve read. Then I heard him speak on many podcasts and other videos. His message and style struck me as important, profound, and provocative. Then I had the pleasure of seeing him speak live at two events, which were both excellent performances.

He’s got a great sense of humor and a real depth of soul. His mission, ministry, or whatever we might call his proceedings, is some of the most compelling and challenging content that I’ve come across. I believe this is the stuff that we need to hear in society. Radical honesty. Subversion toward lucidity. Real change. Or simple remembering.

We hear so much noise in the manic mainstream media about time, money, growth, “change”, potential, hope, and a whole lot of other nonsense that basically amounts to lies, distractions, or worse. It’s all hidden in the lazy habits of language that we’ve adopted, and the social immaturity that we’ve inherited. Stephen calls all these things and more into question with a bold ferocity and careful curiosity that only a true Elder can. We would be wise to listen, learn, and integrate.

Because of Stephen, I have become a better person. I believe I was born to be an Elder. So it’s my responsibility to recognize the ways in which I have not been acting like an Elder, and then remedy that. I envision Elderhood ahead of me, and aim to reverse engineer that ideal to each moment here and now. Ultimately, I desire to die with wisdom that might nourish others. To come to my dying with dignity and strength in such a way that shows others how they too will come down this road.

So I am deeply grateful for Stephen doing everything he has done. I pray that he continues to burn the hardwood for our sake. I am also grateful for you to take the time and energy to give me the gift of your attention. I wish for you to tune in to this frequency and vibrate on the village mindset. It’s a cultural current of mystery and majesty.

Join the Virtue Squad and level up your life to a higher cause than yourself. Our lives are not our own. Our deaths are not our own. This is service for the whole life community. Let’s recreate paradise.

You’re going to love this high quality production. Stay tuned and subscribe for updates. Join me for an amazing journey. It’s a creative adventure that matters for people who care. You are worthy and I am here to serve you with excellence.

Episode Timeline


2:20 Intro to Stephen

10:33 Nights Of Grief & Mystery excerpt: “Narco Disbelief”


14:40 Stephen’s post tour reflections and integration

A few remarks in praise for the simple life

A Miles Davis story

How music and style makes a difference in performance

Life on the road and not missing home, but not missing the road either

Invocations, spells, and the spectacles of grievances 

Euthanasia is a death phobic cultures solution to itself

Stephen kindly corrects my reading of a passage from his book

A little lesson in the use of language

How Stephen still writes his words with pen on paper

The wonder of good questions

Elders in training. Too young? Says who?

Elderhood is a function, not a character trait.

The spiraling of time flowing backwards

Hope is methadone for people who don’t have courage


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Early February in California, Arizona & New Mexico.

Late April in Bali Australia & New Zealand.

May in Australia & New Zealand

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