This is a solo episode where I encapsulate the Summer vibes and riff on a few of the fun things that have been going on. Plus some of the good stuff that's coming up on the horizon.

Join me on this micro-journey, where I explore the space between life and death. May it serve you as a seamless blending of entertainment and education.

Thank you for your listenership. I sincerely appreciate your time and attention. Stream this episode, read the notes, follow the links, check out the resources, and so much more over at the blog on my website.

Show Summary

  • Prologue 
  • 5 star library
  • A cathedral of con-temple-ation
  • Summer Vibes Playlist
  • Sophisticated Thug Vibes Playlist
  • Life is music (blog link)
  • 12 Rules For Life book review
  • I predict Jordan Peterson will be a guest on my show
  • Radical Honesty 
  • Extreme Ownership
  • Getting Things Done 
  • The Uncomfortable Truth About Relationships
  • I predict Neil Strauss will be a guest on my show
  • We’re all struggling with a variety of vices
  • Plant Intelligence & The Imaginal Realm 
  • I predict Stephen Buhner will be a guest on my show
  • Victor Wooten: music as a language
  • I predict Victor will be a guest on my show
  • Jazz music
  • It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing 
  • Does it have soul, or is it sold out?
  • Great musicians lead others to become leaders
  • What is an effective leader?
  • If the whole world were to follow us today, where would we lead them?
  • Find your WHY and start there
  • I predict Simon Sinek will be a guest on my show
  • I'm leading (inviting) you a playground for the imagination that is positively constructive and mutually beneficial
  • More guest interviews on the horizon
  • Conversations with Tracy
  • Dog trainers and best practices
  • Isle Of Dogs
  • Does your dog respect you? 
  • Don’t let your dog do anything that makes you resent it
  • Passivity in the face of abuse is something I do not abide with
  • I share my struggle with sugar addiction and commit to employing a strategy to transcend that weakness
  • What’s your current vice?
  • How will you integrate more virtues in order to bring balance?
  • Never serious, always sincere.
  • Epilogue



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