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You Have No Potential: Here’s Why!

Potential. This is a word that we in the dominant society of North America use a lot. And it’s a funny one, if you let yourself be bothered by it a little. “You have your whole life ahead of you.” “You have so much potential.” “You’re not living up to your true potential.” But if we linger over this word when it’s used in these kind of incantations, we may find that there’s more trouble behind it than we thought.

The Dichotomy Of Leadership

This episode is for those who want to become leaders, and for current leaders to learn how to improve their strategies. Listen and learn how to balance the complex qualities of leadership so that we can lead those we care about to something essential, and enjoy the process.

How Pain Manifests: Why The Addiction

Listen in to a deep and playful conversation about my brother Daniel’s experiences and perspectives. We talk about the real deal stuff in family, life, work, and play. You’ll learn about things from addictions to pain, from life to love. I think you’ll find some good take aways to integrate into your life and share that love with others.

Fist Bumps

How do you feel about hand shakes and hugs? Are you a fan of the fist bump? Join me in an exploration of these things and how they fit in to social strategies, our daily habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Winter Count: Reflections From The Wilderness

Wintercount is a primitive skills gathering in the desert of Arizona. I was there for the past three years. This episode highlights some of my reflections from that experience. I believe you will gain some unique insights into the contrast between wildness and domestication. I hope you enjoy this exploration.