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You Have No Potential: Here’s Why!

Potential. This is a word that we in the dominant society of North America use a lot. And it’s a funny one, if you let yourself be bothered by it a little. “You have your whole life ahead of you.” “You have so much potential.” “You’re not living up to your true potential.” But if we linger over this word when it’s used in these kind of incantations, we may find that there’s more trouble behind it than we thought.

Dwell In The Magnificence

In this episode I share the origin story and meaning of a mantra that was given to me. It's a phrase that came to me in a dream and now have tattooed on my chest. I reflect it in conversations and wear it with honor. It's a gift to me, and I offer it up to you.


This is a solo reflection upon the wonderful season of Autumn. My Summer was saturated with spontaneity and challenges. I went sober and turned pro. Still am. It’s a phenomenal process. Here’s some of my story and how you’re a part of it. Join me in the journey of my podcast. It’s a labor of love, and a service for you. Plus…you can hear my Autumn Vibes playlist!


This is this 4th edition of “Meditations On Integration”. These are short clips from previous episodes that showcase a particular aspect of a broader subject. I’m stoked to serve you up a simple does of creative inspiration that can add value to your life while saving you time. This one is all about making friends with people who want the best for you, and turning Pro. So, let’s go…


This is this 3rd edition of “Meditations On Integration”. It’s a short clip from a section of my book review for 12 Rules For Life, episode 26, which covered Rule 3 - “Make Friends With People Who Want The Best For You”. I’m stoked to serve you up a does of creative inspiration that will add value to your life - while saving you time!



This is a solo episode where I encapsulate the Summer vibes and riff on a few of the fun things that have been going on. Plus some of the good stuff that's coming up on the horizon. The subjects include, 5 star library, Telluride jazz festival, the essence of soul power, book reviews, guest interviews, special future predictions, dogs, obedience, ending abuse, inspiring ideas, sugar addictions, lifestyle strategies, & more.