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Writing A Book: My Experience And Lessons Learned

Writing A Book: My Experience And Lessons Learned

Learn How The Creative Process Works And Why It’s Important To Commit

This is episode 77 and it’s about learning how the creative writing process works, and doesn't. Also why it's essential to commit to a passion project, and to remember that there are consequences for our actions, and inactions.

Have you written a book? If so, then you know just how hard it can be. If you haven’t, then in this episode you’ll learn about some of the challenges that can confront an author when they commit to the process.

I’m writing a book and the experience is full spectrum, and as you listen to this episode, I think you’ll find some solutions that will assist you in your whatever creative process you’d love to share with the world.

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Episode Timeline

0:00 - Prelude

2:55 - My book: what and why.

4:12 - Creating a container for context

9:30 - My challenges with the creative process

19:58 - Overview of my book

22:55 - Description of chapters

1: Cultivate courage

2: Be balanced

3: Practice patience

4: Have humility

5: The skill of self awareness

6: Engage with empathy

7: Listen with intention to hear

8: Sense of humor

9: Perspective is a superpower

10: Deploy self discipline

11: The simplicity of the essential

12: Be grounded in gratitude 

39:44 - Get your FREE BOOK

42:05 - Summary and key take aways

46:16 - How you can connect and support

I envision a culture that cultivates the courage to create essential things that are meaningful and bring fulfillment to the lives of others. That’s what this podcast is all about. So I invite you to join the Virtue Squad and enjoy the journey.


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