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60 - Yarrow Willard | Herbal Jedi

60 - Yarrow Willard | Herbal Jedi


Wilderness Enthusiast

Mushroom Forager | Family Man

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You are invited to join me in a conversation with Yarrow Willard (The Herbal Jedi). He is a man of magnificence. In this Innerview conversation, we discuss how to find real wealth and value in our lives via our connection to the natural world and natural law that governs its way of showing up.

"Yarrow is a Clinical/Master Herbalist, Director of the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing and Co-creator of the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. Raised by herbalist parents, he has been immersed in a world of plant medicine since birth. Yarrow is an entertaining educator who is passionate about herbs, mushrooms, superfoods, advanced nutrition and the growing science of re-claiming wellness and vibrant living in the modern age."

I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with Yarrow and feel privileged to share out conversation with you. I believe you will find this episode entertaining and educational. There are a lot of gems in here, so I hope you’re able to use some of the information in a way that adds meaning and fulfillment to your life. Feel free to share it with others and let me know how it lands for you.

Join the Virtue Squad and level up your life to a higher cause than yourself. Our lives are not our own. Our deaths are not our own. This is service for the whole life community. Let’s recreate paradise.

You’re going to love this high quality production. Stay tuned and subscribe for updates. Join me for an amazing journey. It’s a creative adventure that matters for people who care. You are worthy and I am here to serve you with excellence.

Episode Timeline


Yarrow’s origin story

Family matters

Child education

Discipline & healthy boundaries

Parenting (leading) by example

Wild mushroom foraging

Learning from the living waters in the wild

Healing through the natural world

The mycelium intelligence connection

Plugging into the “Wood Wide Web”

Using distraction & pain as Jedi fuel

Yarrow’s hero’s journey - darkness & light

The transformative power of deep breathing

Lingualogy” - the skills of speaking and word play

Living a simple lifestyle to optimize flow states

What it means to be a more effectively integrated man

It’s time for men to level up their game

Making a case for Elderhood in troubled times

Harmonic Arts - Yarrow’s herbal company

Sugar, dopamine, and other addictions

Knowing why we do things

Yarrow’s recommended reading

Where to find more from Yarrow online

Herbal Jedi HQ

Facebook page

Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary

Yarrow’s Youtube


Closing gratitude

Featured music

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Artist: Gas Lab

Courtesy of Village Live Records

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